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February 1, 2011

CSSA/CILA endorses defending those who defend themselves

Firearms lawyer Ed Burlew says citizens allowed to protect themselves against violent attack

(Vaughan ON – February 1, 2011) The Canadian Shooting Sports Association/Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CSSA/CILA) support the historic, fundamental right of an individual to defend themselves when under attack.

Ian Thomson of Welland was recently charged with numerous firearms offences when he defended himself again three masked men throwing Molotov cocktails at his home and dog house. While Mr. Thomson was not injured, one of his dogs suffered burns. Firearms lawyer Edward L. Burlew LL.B., is defending Thomson by demonstrating that Canadians must be allowed to protect their own safety and property without being forced to defend themselves against criminal charges. Thomson, who is a qualified firearms instructor, shot a firearm outside his home to dissuade the attackers.

"The courts have stated police do not have an official mandate to protect the safety of individual Canadians," explains CILA executive director Tony Bernardo. "Who among us would stand still if someone was trying to burn down our house with us inside? In the literal heat of the moment, it is surely instinctual to use reasonable force to end this kind of attack. If a qualified individual has a firearm in a home that is being fire-bombed, can anyone expect the endangered victim not to use it?"

Bernardo says he wishes Burlew well in what may develop into a landmark case.

"While we do not know the details of this case before the evidence is presented, the videos of people hurling gasoline bombs and death threats at people and pets is pretty compelling," adds Bernardo. "Our legal system appears to have evolved to a point where Canadians who try to defend themselves are somehow confused with criminals. Our forefathers would no doubt roll in their graves if they witnessed how the laws are being torqued to fit the mold of political correctness. We wish Mr. Burlew and Mr. Thomson well in trying to bring the legal community and police back in line by reminding them of the real difference between right and wrong."

Mr. Burlew has organized a peaceful day of protest on March 2nd at 9:00 a.m. to attract attention and support to the case. The rally will be held at the Welland Court House, 102 East Main Street, Welland, Ontario L3B 3W6 and all caring citizens are encouraged to participate.

The CSSA/CILA has contributed funding to Mr. Thomson's defence and hopes Canadians across the country will show their support by making a donation.

Contributions in the form of cheque, money order, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, may be sent "IN TRUST" to:

Edward L. Burlew
16 John Street
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 1X8
Telephone: (905) 882-2422
FAX: (905) 882-2431

NOTE: You can call Mr. Burlew's office to contribute via credit card. Please call and request a form to be sent out to you.


For further information, contact:

Tony Bernardo
Canadian Institute for Legislative Action

Larry Whitmore
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

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