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October 25, 2011

New government bill to scrap registry moving in right direction

Canadian Shooting Sports Association commends proposed legislation

The Harper government's proposed legislation finally to rid Canada of the long-gun registry is a welcome step in the right direction for responsible firearms owners.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) has been working with the Conservative party for several years to scrap the ineffective and over-priced registry. Tony Bernardo, CSSA spokesman and executive director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action, says the new legislation has been a long time coming.

“This is a great first step and a cause for celebration among all responsible firearms owners,” says Bernardo. “We have spent long hours on Parliament Hill and endured several false starts with Private Member's Bills that didn't succeed in the previous minority government. When this majority government stands to reject the registry, every Canadian should rejoice in the new-found fairness and freedom for sports shooters, hunters and trappers.”

Bernardo, a long-time adviser to the federal government, said while the firearms community stands to win from the new bill, it does not mean that Canadians are losing anything. He notes that the long-gun registry was designed to be more of a political pacifier than an actual gun control measure because it was incapable of saving lives or increasing safety.

“We fully expect this government will pass this bill and scrap this terribly wasteful bureaucratic boondoggle,” explains Bernardo. “In its absence, the sky will not fall. Public safety will be just as intact as before. Just as Canadians came to realize that the registry was a waste of time and money, we believe they will come to accept additional cuts in red tape in the spirit of fairness to responsible firearms owners. These are changes that the general public would never even notice, but responsible Canadian sport shooters will be much better off.”

The CSSA has long advocated changes that would lighten the legislative burden sports shooters and hunters face every day.

“Getting rid of the long gun registry is an important step that demonstrates the government has been listening to the people,” says Bernardo. “”This legislation indicates to us that this administration can be trusted. This is further proof that the government is making good on its intentions to overhaul the onerous Firearms Act that the Chretien government created. Their reams of red tape failed to improve public safety, but they did succeed in raising the level of political frustration to new heights.”

Bernardo says while the Harper government has acted in good faith so far, he is looking forward to additional legislative progress to roll back the damage done to sport shooters from previous governments. He says the $6 billion that changes hands in the Canadian firearms industry annually is an important source of revenue, jobs and taxes. The government’s willingness to treat responsible gun owners with the respect they deserve will be a boon for the Canadian economy as a whole.


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