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Editor’s note: The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) received a letter recently from a member who witnessed first-hand how the industry can help to educate the public. Al Simmons Gun Shop in Hamilton, Ontario took advantage of a merchants’ street party to display its wares to passersby. The gun shop provided old-school exposure to firearms, and showed the public our sport is safe, responsible and fun. The letter follows.


Dear CSSA:


It takes courage and entrepreneurial thinking that is outside of the box to put guns on the street  -- especially when there is a neighbourhood party going on!


But that's exactly what one significant member of the Canadian shooting sports community did recently, in Hamilton, Ontario. Al Simmons Gun Shop, on trendy Locke Street in the Steel City, was facing yet another annual street party, hosted by the local Business Improvement Area.


What do do? Events like this, with their blocked-off streets and thousands of party goers can put a dent in your business for the day. Even turn away some customers who just don't want to put up with the hassle of parking blocks and blocks away and then having to lug their purchases back to the car or truck.


Like previous years, Locke Street would be closed, by city permit. There would be street performances, musicians, grandmothers, children, pets on leashes and all manner of street food. Young mothers pushing babies in strollers, too.


But this year, there would be firearms.


Specifically, Al Simmons, which has been a cornerstone of the area shooting sports for many years, jumped through all of the regulatory loops and set up a marquee tent affair in front of their business, and appropriately displayed both handguns and long guns -- literally on the street. Their tent was staffed by knowledgeable and responsible individuals.


This is not the kind of thing people in Hamilton are used to seeing. But the folks at Al Simmons pulled it off because they did it the right way: by introducing the locks, stocks and barrels of a still-popular, traditional sport to thousands of passersby -- of all ages -- in a positive, informative and friendly way.


There were red-shirted Range Safety Officers there, too, chatting up anyone who looked like they had an interest in finding out more. These red-clad folks, and the equally knowledgeable people manning the sales tent, were -- most importantly -- working hard as ambassadors of our sport.


I think just about anyone who has introduced a newbie to shooting sports has seen the neophyte's anxiety quickly mature from hesitation to an informed, confident understanding ... and wide, wide smiles. Well, those were the kinds of smiles that were visible around this on-the-street-guns-initiative. I know, I hung around the marquee on three occasions to specifically gauge people's reactions. And there was cake too, which was a minor masterstroke of marketing ... it got a lot of people to come forward, including young people ... who are, after all, the future of our sport in Canada.


It is initiatives like this one in Hamilton that help inform the general public that the sporting firearms community is worthy. It is initiatives like this which also help people become informed consumers of information, so that when they hear of crimes like those which blight Toronto, they will more readily understand that there is a vast gulf between legitimate shooting sports and its families of enthusiasts and those repugnant individuals who choose to use firearms to further their criminal activities.


Congratulations to all of the fine folks who pulled this off. Hopefully, other firearms business across Canada will take note of Hamilton's example. It can only help.


G. Booth









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Has your gun club considered laying a wreath on Remembrance Day?


Canada’s war veterans made the ultimate sacrifice to restore world order and preserve our culture. Remembrance Day provides an excellent opportunity for firearms clubs and businesses to get involved in paying tribute to our veterans. Check with your local Canadian Legion branch today to see how you can take part in ceremonies on November 11.


Our country was founded on the skills and abilities of young Canadians to use firearms for an honourable cause. Let’s remind Canadians that the use of firearms continues to be a proud part of our Canadian heritage.




ONTARIO PISTOL CHAMPIONSHIPS: The championships takes place on October 19-21 at 1540 King Road in Burlington, Ontario. The CSSA has played a supportive role in this event by taking part in the planning committee meetings, offsetting travel costs for the Match Director, providing the cost for the medals for this event, providing the CSSA air pistol range and providing funding for tents to cover the air pistol range. CSSA Regional Director Earle DePass has been working with this organization and will be on site for the event. Register now at: Registration officially closes at midnight on October15. Spaces are going fast!



IQALUIT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION COMPETITION ON OCTOBER 6: Safe firearms use is behind the Iqaluit Shooting Association's first annual competition scheduled to start Oct. 6 at 10 a.m. The competition will introduce people to a safe area to discharge and sight their firearms for hunting, said Blaine Heffernan, a member of the association. "It's a pretty important subject in the North, as firearms are in most homes in the territory," he said. 


The association, which started in 2006, acquired a 10-year land lease for the range at the end of the Road to Nowhere in 2010. It's the only shooting range in Nunavut that's certified through an RCMP-approved certification process. The range includes a 100-metre long range for rifles and a 25-metre restricted range for pistols. "We're trying to bring some awareness to this range and firearm safety," Heffernan said, adding that the range is something the city needed.


When Heffernen arrived in Iqaluit 10 years ago, people were sighting their firearms in various places, which can be dangerous, he said. The competition in Iqaluit will feature strict rules. Competitors, who will be briefed before the event starts, will fire at stationary targets from different distances. Competitors will compete in several classes - for elders, men, women and youth, aged 12 to 16. In terms of safety during the event, "we've actually gone above and beyond," Heffernan said. Prizes include a .22 calibre rifle and a GPS system. Heffernan would like to hold a similar competition every year. ( – October 3, 2012)




ORANGEVILLE ONTARIO GUN SHOW:  Sunday, October 7 at the Orangeville Fairgrounds. Drive north on Highway 10 and just 3 km north of the Highway 9 junction, turn right on Hockley Valley Rd. and watch for Gun Show and Fairgrounds sign on the right. The event is from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. --  guests are $5 and ladies and accompanied children under 16 are free. Lots of free parking and a good snack bar is available. Buy, sell and trade -- 230 tables so lots to see. For more information please call 905-679-8812 – for upcoming shows see




BRIAN LILLEY TELLS ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS TO BACK OFF: Across Canada this weekend, millions of families will sit down for a Thanksgiving feast that includes turkey and all the trimmings... Ask most kids and they'll tell you meat comes from the store, but there are millions of Canadians who are still connected enough to the land that they know exactly where their meat comes from. We call them hunters.


Right now, hunting is under attack and the animal rights extremists leading the charge have just scored a major victory: They've forced several hunting shows off the air. Global Television and its parent company, Shaw Media, were the targets of an orchestrated campaign to force hunting off Canadian television airwaves. "Global Television seems to think Canadians want to watch animals being killed for sport. Why else would it be running three different hunting shows?" the Vancouver Humane Society asked its members as part of the campaign to get the shows off the air. Of course, put in those terms the shows do sound awful. Killing for sport is wrong, but that's not what any real hunter does and it's not what the shows in question were about.


Keith Beasley, one of the three brothers behind Canada in the Rough, a nine-season ratings success, said hunters do not kill animals for sport. "Those people are criminals, not hunters," Beasley said of anyone who would shoot an animal and watch it die, then walk away. Like every hunter I've ever known, Beasley feeds his family with the animals he kills. Of course, the campaign against his hunting show is about more than about hunting. The people at the Vancouver Humane Society would not only prefer Beasley weren't out there hunting, they'd prefer you weren't eating that turkey this weekend. The VHS has several campaigns running to get everyone to eat less meat and right now on their Facebook page, they're pushing vegetarianism and using the current meat recall as a rallying cry. So while the target this time was a hunting show on television, next time it could be your hamburger or turkey dinner.


Radical animal activists aren't happy to live and let live - they want to push their view of the world on everyone else. I don't hunt right now, but might just take it up in protest, and Canadians from coast to coast should be bothered that a part of our heritage has been forced off the air. "This is what this country is built on," Beasley told me on my Sun News program, Byline. "The fur trade, the hunting and fishing industry is what originally happened in this country."


Of course there are plenty of people in this country who would like us to forget our history, forget our heritage and live the same downtown uber-urban latte-sipping lifestyle that they do. But that's not for me and chances are it's not for you. "In a country like ours with 3.5 million miles of unspoiled wilderness, hunting is just part of our lives," Beasley said. Hunting is as Canadian as maple syrup. Let's stand up for it before they take it away completely. (By Brian Lilley – Toronto Sun – October 5, 2012)


SUN TV INTERVIEW WITH KEITH BEASLEY: See the excellent Brian Lilley interview with Canada in the Rough producer Keith Beasley at:


Don’t forget to fax, phone, email and write to Shaw Media and Global Television to demand these hunting shows continue to be broadcast. Don’t let anti-hunting advocates take your heritage activities away! If you have already sent a complaint, reinforce your message by sending another. Contact: and or call 1-877-307-1999.




GUN SHOW REGS REPEAL TABLED IN PARLIAMENT: The Honourable Vic Toews, Canada's Minister of Public Safety, today tabled in the House of Parliament the Government of Canada's proposal to repeal the Gun Shows Regulations. Minister Toews previously announced the Government's intent to repeal the Gun Shows Regulations on September 7, 2012.


"Our Government is focused on public safety and justice system reforms that tackle real crime and real criminals," said Minister Toews. "We will move to repeal the redundant Gun Shows Regulations because the regulation of these events is already covered by existing regulations."


The storage and display of firearms at gun shows are already governed by the Storage, Display and Transportation of Firearms and Other Weapons by Businesses Regulations and the Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individuals Regulations under the Firearms Act.


"We have successfully introduced legislation that fights gang crime, drug crime, violent and repeat offenders. These are the reforms that the Government is focused on and that Canadians need and deserve most," said Candice Bergen, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety.


With the repeal of these Regulations, gun shows and the security of firearms displayed at gun shows will continue to be regulated by the existing Storage, Display and Transportation of Firearms and Other Weapons by Businesses Regulations and the Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individuals Regulations under the Firearms Act. Firearms Act Regulations related to transfers, possession and transportation of firearms still apply. (Public Safety media release – October 2, 1012)




PARLIAMENT HEARS ABOUT CELEBRATION AT THE SHOOTING EDGE: Mr. Rob Anders (Calgary West, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I would like to honour a hero, someone who has championed a cause for almost 20 years and someone who wants to target real criminals. He submitted hundreds of access to information requests to pinpoint government waste. This person is a whistleblower who exposed billions of taxpayer dollars gone awry. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville (Garry Breitkreuz, M.P.) Albertans are going to celebrate this Oktoberfest at Calgary's premier shooting centre, the Shooting Edge. On Friday, October 12, much bratwurst and sauerkraut will be consumed in his honour. I invite all members to come celebrate the man who tracked, hunted down and took out the long gun registry, our very own Conservative member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville. (Hansard – September 26, 2012)








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