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Dennis Young has suddenly resigned as Alberta Director of the National Firearms Association.

His reasons to step down are contained in his resignation letter below and the CSSA will not pass comment on them. What is most important at this time is to consider the contribution of Dennis Young to every Canadian who owns a firearm and engages in our heritage sports.

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) is proud to have Dennis as a lifetime member. Without his dedication to fair firearms legislation, Canada would now present a very different environment for sport shooters. The unfair laws introduced by the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals in the early 1990s needed to be counteracted for sport shooting to prosper, and Dennis has been at the forefront.

How could one person have so much influence, you ask? Let's set the calendar back to 1993.

An upstart political party was gathering steam in Canada's west. Dennis Young took on the job of Reform Party regional coordinator for Saskatchewan and Manitoba. His mandate included building membership, volunteers and sizing up would-be members of Parliament. Five prospective federal candidates stepped forward in the Yorkton-Melville riding in Saskatchewan and Dennis took part in all five interviews with the candidate selection committee.

One of the candidates they grilled was a middle-aged teacher who had taught school in Canada's Far North and Africa. Dennis was the returning officer in the nomination races that declared who would represent the Reform Party in the next election. He stepped up to the microphone and announced – and mispronounced – the name of the new Reform Party candidate for Yorkton-Melville – Garry Breitkreuz. History books show that in the ensuing 1993 federal election, Garry took the seat from the incumbent NDP MP and headed for Ottawa as part of the first wave of Reform MPs.

When Garry Breitkreuz, MP suddenly needed to hire a politically motivated assistant in Ottawa, he head-hunted Dennis Young. With that powerhouse union working in the shadow of the Peace Tower, firearms politics in Canada would never be quite the same. Garry was invited to address a rally of 1,200 gun owners in Preeceville, Saskatchewan in March 1994 and discovered that the firearms community urgently needed a voice in Ottawa. The tag team of Breitkreuz and Young carpet-bombed Parliament for the next 13 years by protesting the ravages of bills C-17 and C-68.

Dennis Young would file more than 500 Access to Information (ATI) requests to dig the dirt from federal departments up to and including the RCMP. Having served as an RCMP officer himself for five years in northern Saskatchewan, Dennis knew the national police force had an independent streak and was bringing the hammer down on gun owners without much political intervention. His Parliament Hill office soon looked like a bowling alley with filing cabinets stacked shoulder-deep on every wall, and stuffed with ATI results.

Government ATI replies are legendary for their ability to obscure shreds of truth in fat files designed to frustrate those who seek facts. Dennis is no ordinary researcher. He dragged a fine-tooth comb through tens of thousands of pages looking for wee nuggets of gold hidden in the bureaucratic piffle. His tenacity was rewarded when he became the first person to find that the long-gun registry cost at least a billion dollars, and probably much more. Dennis's research gave Garry Breitkreuz the impetus to ask the Auditor General to confirm the waste of taxpayers' money and the jig was up. The Billion Dollar Boondoggle was born.

Thanks to the relentless determination of Dennis Young, the national gun registry conversation has taken place a million times at dinner tables, gun clubs, call-in radio broadcasts and on editorial pages. The wave from Dennis's momentum continued through the Conservative Party of Canada and finally turned the Titanic. When the Parliament of Canada scrapped the gun registry, it made news on the world stage as an unprecedented reversal of firearms legislation. It finally evolved as the first successful bid to treat lawful gun owners as responsible. Someday, history will show that the registry was the ice-breaker for other legislative reforms that gun owners continue to seek.

Dennis had a habit of showing up for work on Parliament Hill before most people were even awake. News clippings were on the boss's desk when he arrived. After 13 years in the hot seat on Parliament Hill, Dennis moved to Alberta with his wife Hazel. Together they have been dealing with the complications of Hazel's multiple sclerosis for 30 years. His dedication to Hazel to this day reflects the same tenacity Dennis employs with every endeavour.

Many firearms enthusiasts continue to receive daily news emails from Dennis's desk via the Canadian Firearms Digest. He scours the media as fervently as ever, always passing along newsworthy developments for all who wish to stay informed. His clippings are frequently included in the CSSA E-News, too. It comes as good news to the entire firearms community that he will continue to inform us. He is the glue that keeps everyone on the same page.

Anti-gun legislation in the '90s placed Canada on a very slippery slope toward disarmament. Without the resistance of Dennis Young and those who worked with him, it seems likely that many more guns would have been banned by now and more laws passed to put our heritage sports out of reach. The next time you gaze upon the contents of your gun safe, you might want to think fondly of Dennis Young.

And perhaps take the time to wish him well.


DENNIS YOUNG POSTS OFFICIAL RESIGNATION: Effective Tuesday, March 11, 2014, I resigned as Alberta Director of the National Firearms Association. NFA President Sheldon Clare and I disagreed over decisions he made about NFA communications on social media and my suggestion regarding coordination of our efforts with the CSSA, both matters that I felt should have been referred to the NFA Board of Directors for further consideration. I waited until today to make this announcement to see if the impasse could be resolved. Sadly, it could not.

I would like to thank the NFA members in Alberta who voted for me and gave me the opportunity to serve as their Director. It was a rewarding experience and I hope the members feel I made a positive contribution to the organization. I want to thank Sheldon and the Board of Directors for their support for my work, especially on the High River file, and for the considerable time and effort they make every day to the cause of freedom and our right to own and enjoy our property. I apologize to everyone in the NFA for my early departure but better to leave a few months early and ease the level of frustration for both Sheldon and myself.

I remain a loyal and dedicated Honorary Life Member of both the CSSA and the NFA and I am even more committed to seeing the repeal of Bill C-68 today than I was in 1995 when it was rammed through Parliament and down our throats. I encourage every gun owner in Canada to hold memberships in both the NFA and the CSSA and by doing so hopefully we can get these two fine organizations to work together and build on each others strengths to achieve our common goals.

I will continue to work with Lorne Gunter and Sun News on the High River Gun Grab file until the whole truth is made public. I will continue to file Access to Information Act requests on all firearms related issues and post the results on the Canadian Firearms Digest. I will pursue a new non-profit career writing columns that I hope will be of interest to the firearms community.

It's been exactly twenty years since I started working on the firearms file with MP Garry Breitkreuz in his Parliament Hill office. We still have such a long fight ahead of us and I look forward to continuing this good fight with all of you.


Dennis R. Young




SWISS ARMS - CZ-858 - PUBLIC SAFETY MINISTER MAKES AMNESTY OFFICIAL: The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today issued the following statement: "Our Government has always stood up for law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport-shooters.

Recent decisions made by the Canadian Firearms Program have had the effect of exposing thousands of law-abiding Canadians to potential criminal sanctions. Owners of the affected firearms can rest assured that they will face no sanctions as a result of the continued possession of their private property.

Furthermore, our Government is committed to building on the amnesty that has been introduced to protect law-abiding gun owners from criminal sanction until a permanent fix is in place. It is our intention to bring forward measures in the coming weeks to protect all law-abiding firearms owners from these types of retroactive and unpredictable decisions."  (Media release from Public Safety – March 14, 2014)

IMPORTANT NOTE – FROM FIREARMS LAWYER ED BURLEW: This amnesty does not provide protection from wrongful storage charges. The guns are being treated as prohibited. The amnesty only protects against sections 91, 92 and 94 if going directly to a police station with the gun.

The firearm is to be stored as a prohibited firearm. This is the same standard as a restricted. Tell your friends and club members. But, if you believe it may be treated as a full auto, then remove the bolt and lock it in a separate container stored in another room. Read the regulations.


BARRIE GUN CLUB NOISE EXEMPTIONS: Re: Township of Springwater Noise By-law. On March 17, 2014, Council will consider a request for exemption from the Noise By-law. An application has been received from the Barrie Gun Club, for various dates in 2014.

The Council Agenda for march 17 is available at:


JOIN THE ACTION WITH GUN OWNERS OF CANADA: Gun Owners of Canada is holding a giveaway for a new Tavor, non-restricted rifle. The contest runs until their membership has risen to 12,000 members or until December 31, 2014 – whichever comes first. The Giveaway is sponsored by Gun Owners of Canada to promote and increase membership levels.

Check out – there is no cost to enter the contest or sign up for the forum. There will be many more giveaways throughout the year, including a M305 Socom, Savage Rascal, Savage Axis 243, and more.

See how you can qualify at: You must be a member of Gun Owners of Canada to take part in the contest.

Come to the forum where you can read and write about the issues that affect you!


ORANGEVILLE ONTARIO GUN AND MILITARIA SHOW: March 23 at Orangeville Fairgrounds, 3 km north of the junction, of highways 10 & 9, -- turn right (east) on Hockey Valley Rd. and watch for signs. Open 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. For info call Monica at 905-679-8812


CANADA AMMO RAISES FUNDS FOR CSSA: The generous staff and customers at Canada Ammo have donated $3,500 to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. Canada Ammo has an “add a buck” campaign advertised on Canada GunNutz to raise funds each time a sale is made. We are very grateful to Canada Ammo and would encourage all firearms retail and wholesale businesses to adopt a similar program to support the shooting sports. Visit the Canada Ammo website at


SIGN FIREARMS BAN PETITION FOR RON ANDERS, MP: Effective Thursday, February 27th at 10 p.m. the Chief Firearms Officers reclassified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine from non-restricted to prohibited status. There are approximately 1,000-1,800 of these firearms owned in the public. The unjust confiscation of firearms is an atrocious crime against the rights of law-abiding gun owners and Canadian citizens.

Sign the petition at


EZRA LEVANT OF SUN NEWS NEEDS HELP: Intrepid Sun News reporter Ezra Levant has racked up huge court costs in his fight for freedom of speech. Ezra has been a good friend to firearsm owners by taking our plight to the airwaves. To learn more about Ezra's legal battle and a chance to donate to his cause – which is our cause too – check out his video at

and see his website at to learn more.


BEAR HUNTING WITH KEVIN BEASLEY: Watch “Canada in the Rough” on March 22 on a channel near you – Kevin Beasley takes his crossbow on a spot and stalk spring hunt on Vancouver Island. On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Kevin finds the bear he is after on a lush green estuary and the stalk begins! See a preview at


GUN OWNER REMEMBERS THE GOOD OLD DAYS: I bought my first gun in a private sale, back in 1977 when I was sixteen. As it happens, 1977 was a turning point in the regulatory framework for gun owners in Canada; it was the last of the good old days for gun owners in Canada. The familiar classification system for firearms was in effect ( non restricted, restricted and prohibited). This was enacted in 1969 with the passage of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69 (S.C. 1968-69, c. 38), which, coincidentally, also decriminalized homosexuality. In 1977 it was unlawful to sell guns to individuals of unsound mind or those under prohibition orders, otherwise Canadians were free to own and use guns for hunting, sport shooting and collecting without having the state on their back. As the Minister Justice, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, observed in shepherding the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69 through parliament,”obviously, the state’s responsibility should be to legislate rules for a well-ordered society. It has no right or duty to creep into the bedrooms of the nation.” (as cited in Wikipedia) In 1977, just as the state had no business in bedrooms of the nation, neither did the state have any business in the basements and gun cabinets of the nation.

To read all of this essay blog, see


SHOOTING IS A “FANTASTIC FAMILY SPORT”: Bored after three years of dance, and uninterested in various other “random” activities she’d tried over the years, D’Arcy Allen was 11 the first time she went to the shooting range with her dad.

“I came out to try it once and I haven’t actually stopped,” said Allen, now 16, who traded her dance shoes for a .22-calibre rifle and has been joined by her brother and two younger sisters as a regular at the East Elgin Sportsman Association in Aylmer.

“It’s different ... it’s what I do for fun.” And though the Allen girls may be alone among their London schoolmates when it comes to spending their free time at a firing range, they represent a booming demographic across the country.

Empowered by changing times, higher sights and clubs that are scrambling to become cleaner, nicer and more accommodating to families, women and girls have been flocking to gun sports at a “really rapid pace,” said Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. “It’s been steady for about the past 10 years.”... (The London Free Press – March 11, 2014)

To read the whole story:


LETTER TO THE EDITOR TELLS IT LIKE IT IS: The RCMP have again performed an illegal act by committing an offence that is not in their purview. First, it was the gun seizures in High River during the Alberta floods. The RCMP broke the law when they forcibly entered private residences and seized guns without a warrant or probable cause. No one in the RCMP was held accountable. The issue just got swept under the table.

Most recently, the Swiss Arms Classic Green PR 90 was banned. The rifle has been a non-restricted weapon in Canada for the past 12 years. There is no record of any crime being committed with the rifle, but with the stroke of a bureaucratic pen within the ranks of the RCMP, the gun became prohibited. Now a gun owner in possession of the weapon could be criminally charged and face jail time. Nothing was said about compensation for the 1,800 to 2,000 legally-purchased guns that cost legal gun owners more than $3,000.

The RCMP does not have the legal right to ban guns. That right resides with the Parliament of Canada and it would appear the government was not even consulted as Steven Blaney, the Minister of Public Safety seemed to be taken aback and was concerned the decision was made by bureaucrats and not elected officials. Canada is not a police state and this kind of disregard for the law cannot be tolerated in a democracy. This story is not about guns, but the misuse of power and as such those responsible in the RCMP should be fired. (Letter to the editor by Gaye Smith, Paisley – The Welland Tribune – March 12, 2014)



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