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At election time, Don't forget gun wimps (Ottawa Sun 2010/09/24)
Now that we know who the wimps are, don't forget their names when the election writ drops.
   All deserve the boot.
   Remember, none of these Liberal and NDP flip-floppers was pistol-whipped into changing their vote to save the long-gun registry from its deserved demise.
   No, it was less dramatic but much sadder than that.
   While Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff would like us to think his party was "whipped" to follow his orders, the vote he wrangled was hardly based on unanimity.
   It was based on a self-serving fear of being kicked from caucus. ...more...

20100830 - Layton's New Deal for Firearms Owners: Sorry, Jack, NO DEAL (2010/08/30)
NDP Leader, Jack Layton, claims to have blessed Canadians with a "compromise" solution to retain the gun registry. Can he seriously believe that firearms owners are sufficiently naive to acquiesce to this latest attempt to justify the existence of this bloated, wasteful, and ineffective program? ... In an attempt to make the onerous laws authorizing the registry's existence appear to be more friendly, the Leader of the NDP is offering to create a "non-criminal, ticketable" offence for first-time offenders who fail to register their long-guns. It's a nice thought but impossible without re-writing the Criminal Code. ... So even if you could be issued a ticket, payable with a fine, you would still have a CRIMINAL RECORD! ...more.... Download PDF

20100824 - Op-ed submitted to Canadian media from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (2010/08/24)
Ethics expert says police chiefs' association has track record of "dodgy behaviour."
In the torrid game of political chess that is poised to scrap Canada's long-gun registry, some players appear willing to sacrifice ethical principles to win. The kings, knights and rooks are quick to push their pawns to the middle of the board to demonstrate faux teamwork, but many of those pawns are unwilling accomplices. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), the Canadian Police Association, and the Canadian Association of Police Boards want to maintain the long-gun registry. But, many front-line police officers have pronounced it useless and potentially dangerous to any cop who believes the data. A national survey taken by an Edmonton police officer last year shows an astounding 92 percent of police respondents want the registry scrapped. ...more.... Download PDF

20100827 - Street-level police officers don't echo chiefs' support. Al Bohachyk, Inspector EPS ret'd. (Edmonton Journal, 2010/08/27)
Again and still, there is a clear absence of support within the rank and file police officers of Canada for the long-gun registry; indeed most believe it is a potentially dangerous officer safety tool and it is ignored as a consequence. During the last three years of my work with the Edmonton Police Service as a duty officer (I retired in 2007), I was aware of only three occasions where a specific request was made to the firearms registry to check for weapons before we attended a "violence is likely" type of call; and those calls were at my insistence. ...more...

20100819 - Officer's survey finds 92% of police want gun registry scrapped. (2010/08/19)
A national survey conducted by an Edmonton police officer reveals that 92 percent of police officers in Canada want Members of Parliament to vote in favour of scrapping the long-gun registry in September. Constable Randy Kuntz, a 22-year veteran with Edmonton Police Services (EPS), says the survey he conducted last year should be embraced by M.P.s when they vote on Bill C-391 that advocates dispatching the registry. Kuntz, an Exemplary Service Medal recipient, hopes to expose the grave mistake that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) is making by supporting the registry. ...more... Download PDF

20100824 - National Post editorial board: Police chiefs get it wrong on gun registry (National Post, 2010/08/24)
Earlier this year, several former front-line officers spoke out publicly. “Never have I attended a killing where the registry of any of the weapons would have prevented that killing from occurring,” said Dave Shipman, a retired 25-year veteran of the Winnipeg city police, who investigated violent crimes and homicides. A colleague went further — 33-year police veteran Jack Tinsley accused police leaders of perhaps not being “in touch with what is really taking place on the street on a day-to-day basis” and of being politically motivated. Other critics have suggested that the registry’s value to police isn’t related to safety: It is simply an easy, bureaucratic means to tack on additional charges against criminals who already have been arrested. ...more....

20100603 - Media Release: MP attempts to thwart debate in Parliament on gun registry bill. (2010/06/03)
Mark Holland tries to kill bill at committee despite powerful witness testimonies.
"Now that Parliament finally has both sides of the debate on the record, this Liberal M.P. wants to throw that hard work out the window," says Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action, who appeared as an expert witness before the committee. "He wants to completely ignore the testimony of 33 witnesses. This is an insult to Canadians who believe in the democratic process. Mr. Holland's hidden agenda is a danger to parliamentary fairness. The support of a few police chiefs has somehow intoxicated him with power." ...more....

20100602 - ACTION ALERT! Urgent Communication to all CSSA members. (2010/06/02)
You should be outraged... ...CLICK HERE....

20100602 - Setting the record straight in the Hill Times, #7. (2010/06/01)
The seventh in CSSA's series of ads in the Ottawa Hill Times. This series is to counter the misleading, vague, disproven, and sometimes outright false information defending the failed Long-gun Registry from the Opposition, the anti-gun lobby, and the police lobby associations. ...view ad....
High quality PDF version of the ad for any member or club who wishes to distribute the ad or place it in the newspapers....Download....

20100601 - Media Release: CACP president Bill Blair chooses registry over more police. (2010/06/01)
Police chief head prefers computers instead of cops. CSSA spokesman, Tony Bernardo, says Blair's statement demonstrates how detached the police chiefs association has become from the needs of police officers in the field. ...more....

20100527 - Media Release: New survey shows responsible firearms owners fear police intervention. (2010/05/27)
Sport shooters relationship with police falls victim to legislation.
The shocking decay of the relationship between police and sport shooters has been caused by anti-firearms legislation in recent decades and haphazard enforcement by police. An anonymous survey of 2,018 random legal firearms owners in Canada reveals growing mistrust of police enforcement, particularly the non-profit associations that purport to represent police chiefs and rank-and-file officers. "We knew that responsible firearms owners were losing confidence in police enforcement, but these results are shocking and distressing," says Tony Bernardo of the CSSA. "Sport shooters actually feel like the police are ganging up on them to give the public appearance that gun control is alive and well. ...more....

20100525 - Setting the record straight in the Hill Times, #6. (2010/05/25)
The sixth in CSSA's series of ads in the Ottawa Hill Times....view ad....
High quality PDF version of the ad for any member or club who wishes to distribute the ad or place it in the newspapers....Download....

20100510 - Where's The Beef? Part FIVE. (2010/05/10)
The FIFTH in CSSA's FOUR part series of ads in the Ottawa Hill Times. This was intended to be a run of four ads, but given the horribly misleading, vague, disproven, and sometimes outright false information promoting the failed Long-gun Registry on the website (put up by the police lobby associations on a Toronto Police dedicated webserver), the CSSA has placed a full-page ad in the Hill Times in an attempt to get truthful information out to Canadians and their MPs. This ad debunks the Police association's shameful so-called "myths and truths." ...view ad....

20100508 - Canadian Outdoors Group united in support of C-391 (2010/05/10)
The CSSA and CILA are proud to be included in an elite group of organizations that communicate on a regular basis on issued relating to firearms, hunting, fishing, fur harvesting and other outdoor related activities. This prestigious group is called the Canadian Outdoors Group and has resulted in a number of letters and contacts being made to the various government agencies in the name of our collective groups. The Canadian Outdoors Group has sent an open letter to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and his caucus along with an excellent study paper by Dr. Gary Mauser. The letter was signed by the following organizations... ...more....

20100508 - Gun registry has killed people by diverting billions (Dr. Caillin Langmann, emergency medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont., National Post, 2010/05/08)
Charles Momy, president of the Canadian Police Association, states: "If the registry can prevent one person in this country from either committing suicide, from being injured or killed ... then isn't that worth it for all Canadians?" I am an emergency physician. This argument demonstrates how out of touch this man is. I believe the gun registry has killed people by diverting billions of dollars to create and maintain itself, while real mental health issues go unfunded. ...more....

20100508 - Time to pull the plug on long-gun registry (Toronto Sun, 2010/05/08)
After all — thus goes the calculus — cops are conservative de facto, because they carry guns themselves, wear crisp uniforms and protect us from criminals. If they support the registry, then its survival must be righteous. Right?
    Wrong. There’s a simpler explanation: What’s good for the police brass and unions is not necessarily good for Canadians, or democracy. The two are not synonymous ...more....

20100504 - Where's The Beef? Part Four.
The next in CSSA's continuing series of ads in the Ottawa Hill Times. This is the fourth ad challenging the misinformation from the Coalition for Gun Control and Police lobby groups. High resolution copies are available to any member or club who wishes to post the ads in other newspapers or in their area. ...view ad....

20100421 -Where's The Beef? Part Three. ...view ad....

20100423 - Calgary police chief slams firearms registry (AM770 CHQR, 2010/04/23)
When I spoke with Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson this week, I asked him if he thought the federal gun registry was a useful tool for law enforcement. Hanson flat out said no. Hanson believes the registry creates a false sense of security among some Canadians. He pointed out the registry did nothing to stop gun violence between Calgary gangs. ...more....
...CTV: Gun registry not working: Police Chief Rick Hanson....

20100421 - Where's The Beef? Part Two.
The CSSA continues the series of ads in the Ottawa Hill Times in conjunction with the start of the Public Safety Committee Hearings on Bill C-391. This is the second of four weekly ads planned for the sole purpose of challenging the misinformation spouted by the Coalition for Gun Control, Canadian Chiefs of Police Association and their respective supporters. High resolution copies can be made available to any member or club who wishes to post the ads in their local newspapers. ...view ad....

20100420 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Michael Ignatieff dismisses the concerns of Western and Rural Canadians.
In one of his most cynical political moves to date, the self-described member of Canada's "Political Class," Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has decided to distance himself from western and rural voters by ordering his MPs to vote against Bill C-391. In doing so, he bowed to the demands of a core group of extreme lobbyists and the far left wing of his party by whipping the vote when C-391 comes back to the House of Commons for Third Reading...The message to western and rural Canadians from his most recent actions couldn't be more clear. ...more....

20100419 - Liberals must vote against common sense.
Ignatieff says Liberals must vote against Tory gun law. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says his caucus will be required to vote against the bill to scrap the controversial long-gun registry. ...more....

20100419 - MPs that voted for C-391 and fax info.
Contact these MPs and encourage them to support Bill C-391.
Please contact them and strongly request (politely) that they support bill C-391, and let them know how wrong it is to whip a Private Member's Bill. (Whipping a PMB is in direct violation of long-standing parliamentary tradition, and is a slap-in-the-face to our democratic process -- it requires MPs wilfully to ignore the wishes of their constituents.) ...more....

20100413 - T-97s, Confiscation and Compensation
The CSSA continues in the over-eighteen-month long fight against planned firearms confiscations. In interesting news yesterday, the Ministry of Public Safety has agreed that compensation would be paid in the case of confiscation. The CSSA applauds this small step forward, and applauds the Minister for taking it, but wishes to remind members that the fight is far from over. Compensation does not make confiscation acceptable. ...more....

20100413 - Where's The Beef?
The CSSA has initiated a series of ads in the Ottawa Hill Times in conjunction with the start of the Public Safety Committee Hearings on Bill C-391. There are four weekly ads planned for the sole purpose of challenging the misinformation spouted by the Coalition for Gun Control, Canadian Chiefs of Police Association and their respective supporters. High resolution copies can be made available to any member or club who wishes to post the ads in their local newspapers. ...view ad....

20100409 - CSSA Blast in Calgary
The Calgary Gun Show is always very busy, but this year was a block buster thanks to the attendance of Members of Parliament, Garry Breitkreuz and Candice Hoeppner. Both popular M.P.'s helped work the CSSA booth on Friday to meet gun owners, listen to their concerns and answer their questions on a variety of issues relating to firearms legislation. ...more....

20100409 - President's Address, Annual General Meeting, 2010.
Is it over yet? Did we win? What are we fighting? Why are we still fighting? ...more....

20100409 - We Have a Winner in the Office!
We are very proud to announce that we have a bronze medal winner working at the CSSA office. Diana Cabrera, one of CSSA's office administrators and a member of the Uruguay National Team, shot 573/600 in Sport Rifle to earn a Bronze Medal at the South American Games last month. ...more....

20100319 - NRA Comments On C-391
STANDING GUARD (by Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President, National Rifle Association)
Canada's Reversing The "Irreversible Ratchet" Of Gun Control Owners. pdf....

20100129 - The cops came and took my gun (Joe Fiorito, Toronto Star)
(We were assured that the Registry would never lead to confiscation. That was, obviously, a lie.)
A pounding at the door the other morning; my windows rattled. ... ...more....

20091209 - Laws make bad memorials (National Post editorial board)
Memorializing victims of violent crime through law is a dangerous habit, in any case: It generally leads to both bad law and bad memorials. ...more....

20091118 - Only 11% of Canadians think gun registry effective in preventing crime. ...more....
Download the complete poll here. (PDF)

20091117 - Our Charter Rights under attack?
Toronto Police Chief Blair expands his appalling and constitutionally-questionable searches of citizens private homes from just gun owners to the general public.
Police dragnet oversteps (Toronto Star) ... their latest tactic – seeking entry to every single one of 6,000 homes in her neighbourhood – may be crossing the line. ... But launching a sprawling dragnet has the effect of putting thousands of citizens on the spot – like it or not – to submit their private homes to unlimited and unwarranted search by investigators. ... they are sending a strong – even intimidating – message that they will not take No for an answer. ...more....

20091112 - A very inconvenient poll on the long gun registry (National Post)
Sub-populations amongst which more people would prefer to scrap the registry than keep it include NDP voters, Green Party voters, Ontarians, and women. Ouch! ...more.... Download the complete poll here. (PDF)

Grandstanding in the name of gun safety (National Post)
I would like to think that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is above political interference on matters regarding law.  However with the history of the City of Toronto and its mayor's obsession with firearms, I am beginning to wonder. ...more....

The Blair Witch-hunt Project -- Abuse of Authority?
Toronto Police Chief Blair's much touted "Project Safe City" is nothing more than a witch-hunt targeting firearms owners, seizing their private property without compensation and describing them as "criminals." Their "crime?" Allowing their Firearms Licenses to expire. ...more....

"Stick to Your Guns" Dinner, Calgary, April 2, 2010.

View or Download Registration Form

Long-gun Amnesty Extended: Toews
The Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, has announced the Government of Canada’s intention to re-extend the current amnesty that helps firearms owners comply with the law.
“This Government is committed to gun control that makes sense. We plan to extend the current amnesty, so that we can continue to bring even more Canadians into compliance with the existing system,” said Minister Toews.
“We are encouraged by the fact that gun owners continue to register in increasing numbers. We support honest, responsible non-restricted gun owners and we want to continue to bring them into our licensing system, preventing their pointless criminalization,” said Minister Toews.
The following measures will be proposed to encourage compliance and reduce the administrative burden on lawful firearms owners:

  • Extending by one year an amnesty which allows individuals in possession of unregistered non-restricted firearms to obtain a licence or a registration certificate for their firearm;
  • Extending by one year the current fee waiver for firearms licence renewals or upgrades; and
  • Allowing eligible holders of expired Possession-Only Licences to apply for a new one within a year.
“This Government is committed to effective gun control. Our Tackling Violent Crime Act increases mandatory jail sentences for serious and repeat firearm offenders and provides tougher bail rules for serious weapon-related offences. In addition, we continue to invest $7 million annually to strengthen the licensing process by enhancing front-end screening of first-time firearms licence applicants,” added Minister Toews.

Special Note to CSSA Club Contacts
The 2010 Club renewal and insurance packages were mailed out to each club mid-October. If you are the main contact for your club and you did not receive the package, please contact the office ASAP and a new one will be forwarded (1-888-873-4339 or Canada Post is up to their usual efficiency and some clubs did not receive theirs. Thank you.

Media Release: Nov. 27, 2009. Firearms Marking Regulations Deferred. plus: Special Alert To All Hamilton ON Firearms Owners. ...more....

We Did It! Bill C-391 Passes Second Reading By 27 Votes. ...more...

  • CSSA ad in The Hill Times, November 4th, 2009 ...more...

ALERT and UPDATE 2009/09/22:

RCMP violates firearms owners' confidentiality by disclosing gunowners' contact information from the Firearms Registry to a public polling company. We are currently exploring the possibility of criminal charges relating to the release of confidential information by the CFC. ...more....

Chiefs say Association doesn't speak for all chiefs. Throw support behind Bill C-391 ...more....
C-391 Debate from Hansard ...more....

Pollster's use of gun registry details to be reviewed
Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan called the RCMP's release of information to the EKOS polling firm "offensive and inappropriate." ...more....

Ouellette Criticizes Mcguinty Liberals Over Nuisance Permits For Elk
Opposition Critic calls on government to initiate a controlled hunt for 2010 ...more... (PDF).

20090911 - Where Does The Money Go? Are your charitable donations being used to support the extremist gun-control agenda? ...more....

20090818 - Test-fire all guns before sale, White urges CSSA responds to Ottawa Police Chief Vern White's ill-considered plan to employ discredited "Ballistic Fingerprinting" technology. ...more....

20090723 - Even the Coalition for Gun Control agrees: Canadian handgun owners are not the problem! "There are very few cases that show handguns used in crime coming from anywhere other than the USA." ...more....

20090723 - Remington 870 Pump Shotgun Alert It has come to our attention that a number of firearms owners have received a letter from the RCMP and/or a registration revocation notice. If you or anyone you know have received this letter, please call CSSA toll free 1-888-873-4339 ASAP. If after hours, please leave a message stating where we can contact you. We will keep you advised.

20090525 - PRESS RELEASE: CSSA applauds new Bill C-391 to end the failed Long Gun Registry ...more....

20090427 - Firearms Registry: The Great Canadian Snow Job. ...more....

20090418 - The Long Gun Registry and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. ...more...

20090418 - The Canadian Police Association is deliberately misleading Canadians about the Gun Registry. ...more...

20090402 - The Senate's April Fools Joke.   Bill S-5 does not shut down the gun registry. ...more....

200902 - Bill C-301: The facts without the hysteria   What the Star does not want you to learn. ...more....

20090209 - CSSA applauds Bill to end the hated Long Gun Registry
OTTAWA - The CSSA is pleased to support Yorkton-Melville M.P, Garry Breitkreuz's Private Members Bill to end the hated Long Gun Registry
"Mr Breitkreuz has always been a voice of reason in the House of Commons regarding firearms legislation. This Bill walks the delicate balance between individual rights and public safety perfectly," stated Tony Bernardo, Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action. We've worked very hard for this. Read about this awesome news here.

20090315 - Annual General Meeting And Dinner
Saturday, April 18, 2009, Best Western Toronto Airport West, 5825 Dixie Road, Mississauga (Dixie and Hwy 401). Full information and Registration Form here.

20080306 - Trials For The 2008 Ontario Winter Games
The 2008 Ontario Winter Games will be held in Collingwood, Ontario, March 6-9, 2008. These provincial multi-sport competitions for Ontario youth are held every two years and include Air Rifle and Air Pistol. The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is holding trials to pick the teams to represent the five Ontario regions in the Air Rifle and Air Pistol Competition... (Download full info PDF 136K)

CSSA co-sponsors Canada Networking Conference & Exhibition
Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) and its sister organization, Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA), is proud to announce their co-sponsorship and participation in the Canada Networking Conference & Exhibition, spearheaded by the Manning Centre for Building Democracy...
You may download the Media Release here... (WORD 284K)

2008 Quest For Gold -- Ontario Council of Shooters
The Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program 2007/2008 (OAAP) is funded by the Provincial Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Health Promotion. The Program will provide direct financial assistance to Ontario athletes through an “Ontario Card” designation. The intent of the OAAP is to provide funding to individual athletes based on their demonstrated commitment to high performance sport, allowing them to pursue athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition... (more PDF 136K)

Tony Bernardo nominated for Globe & Mail Nation Builder of the Year.
I can think of no one more deserving of this honour. Go here to add your nomination. (Free registration required.)

Bill C-10A Firearms Marking Implementation
The Marking System has been POSTPONED until Dec. 1, 2009.
A big Thank you to Tony Bernardo, and to everyone who helped or wrote letters on this issue. We couldn't have done it without you. (more, plus new information)

Planning has now been completed and the flyers are being mailed for the first 'Beef and Bullet Bash' taking place on December 8. Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club is hosting this first in a series of dinners highlighting the firearms industries. If you know of a club or range in your area that may be interested in hosting one of the dinners, please let us know. Hope to see you there... (Download full info PDF 136K)

Renowned Gun Rights Activist David A. Tomlinson Passes
The Canadian Firearms Community has lost one its great thinkers and most respected activists. We extend our deepest sympathies to Dave's family in this time of grief.

"No man stands as tall, as when he stands on principle"
Dave stood tall. (more)

ELECTION ALERT:Ontario Goes To The Polls October 10
Here's what you need to know, including the list of parties and candidates we endorse. (more)

Ottawa rejects call for handgun ban
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day suggests such a move would be useless, and might do more harm than good.
We welcome this refreshing breath of truth and common sense. Now is a good time for all shooters to show their appreciation to the Honourable Public Safety Minister.

Tony Bernardo Live on AM640
Tony was Craig Brommel's guest on AM640 radio (Toronto) on Tuesday, July 24 talking about gun bans... (Listen)

CSSA Member Wins Gold at Pan Am Games.
Avianna Chao could hardly contain herself — and that was before she was declared a gold medallist Monday at the Pan American Games... (more)

Ottawa rejects call for handgun ban
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day suggests such a move would be useless, and might do more harm than good.
We welcome this refreshing breath of truth and common sense. Now is a good time for all shooters to show their appreciation to the Honourable Public Safety Minister.

Important Information on the Long-Gun Amnesty
See the Special Bulletin for Police - No. 72: Extension of Amnesty for Some Long-Gun Owners

New Anti-Semi-Auto Ban Poster.
Help get this vital information out, and help promote awareness of the possible semi-auto ban threat. Stick these posters up everywhere. (more)

New CSSA flyers to stick up.
Help get this vital information out, and help promote membership.

Decriminalizing Simple Possession Of A Firearm Where No Criminal Intent Or Unsafe Activity Occurs

ALERT: Ontario Private Member's Bill To Ban Handgun Ammunition
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 -- Brad Duguid, MPP Scarborough Centre, is introducing a Private Member's Resolution in the Ontario Legislature on Thursday, March 29, 2007, calling on the Ontario Government to direct the Chief Firearms Officer to report on alternatives to restrict and limit the possession and sale of handgun ammunition. Duguid's Resolution would have the Chief Firearms Officer conduct a study to identify ways of better regulating ammunition including consideration of additional mechanisms to further restrict and/or ban the sale and possession of ammunition for hand guns... (more)

Decriminalizing Simple Possession Of A Firearm Where No Criminal Intent Or Unsafe Activity Occurs
Your Advice Is Needed
Garry Breitkreuz, MP -- As you know, I am personally committed to keeping the repeated promises made by the Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Parties to repeal Bill C-68, the Firearms Act. In the meantime, I am considering the possibility of introducing a Private Members Bill/Motion or an amendment to Bill C-21 to decriminalize simple possession of a firearm where no criminal intent or unsafe activity occurs.. (more)

CSSA at Toronto Sportsmen's Show
Come see us at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show, March 14-18, Exhibition Place.
The CSSA will have a booth where you can join CSSA, buy CSSA merchandise, and meet CSSA staff and volunteers. (more)

Get your Firearms Licence.
You will be able to challenge the exam for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (non-restricted) right at the show! The CSSA will have certified examiners on site.

We need volunteers to help out at the show. Come lend a hand and get to meet the CSSA staff. CSSA members also qualify for a coupon to get $2 off the cost of admission. Contact Larry at (or 1-888-873-4339) if you want to volunteer or request a coupon.

Dawson gun (Sensationalism) is all the rage
Another wonderful article from Bruce Gold.
In Glen McGregor’s Feb 10 news story in the Ottawa Citizen, he faithfully follows some of the oldest strategies of the anti-gun debate. He begins by setting the stage, where the “country awoke to images of gunman ... in sinister poses with the futuristic black rifle.” ... This, somewhat breathless, approach doubtless sells newspapers but a reality check is in order. If one moves beyond the irrelevance of the gun’s colour and the equal irrelevance of its shape... (more)

CSSA Runs THREE Full Page Ads in the Hill Times
The Hill Times is one of the most read publications on Parliament Hill. It reaches more members of government than any other.

  • On Jan 29 we ran I am not a bad person... An open letter to the Coalition for Gun Control (Image of the Hill Times page here)
  • On Feb 7 we ran Ten Myths Of The Long Gun Registry (Image of the Hill Times page here)
  • We have a third full page ad planned, but are waiting on two things. First, we want to see what the outcome is of the Ottawa Citizen articles on firearms, the last of which will feature our own Tony Bernardo of CILA against Wendy Cukier of the Coalition for Gun Control. (So far the articles have been openly biased against legal gun ownership.) Second, we NEED TO RAISE SOME MONEY for the last ad. We need your help to pay for it.
  • The Third Ad Has Run. On Feb 26 we ran "An open letter to all Members of Parliament." (Image of the Hill Times page here)
The total cost of running the three ads was just over $11,000, and we're still a little shy of that goal. We still need your help. Go to our Contributions page, and select the amount you want to contribute, then choose the option for "Political Action Fund." Finally, on "check-out," enter "Hill Times Ad" into the comments section. This will ensure your contribution gets applied to the cost of the ads. Thank you, thank you, this is really important.

"Stick to your Guns" Dinner
Our annual "Stick to your Guns" Toronto Fundraising Dinner is being held on April 28th, 2007, at the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport, 970 Dixon Road, Toronto. Roast beef, auctions, prizes, gun draws... (more)

CSSA Insurance Gets Better
The new insurance policy protecting all CSSA members and clubs has now been raised to $5 million from $2 million –- more than double the coverage. Following are some highlights about... (more)

New Bill Watch page
Government Bills and proposed legislation of interest to gun owners and other citizens concerned with the preservation their rights and liberties... (more)

Bill C-68 Still Isn’t Repealed, So I’m Running For My 6th Term!
Excerpts from the speech given by Garry Breitkreuz, MP, Yorkton-Melville, Sask at the Annual General Meeting, Nov. 25, 2006... (more)

New CSSA flyers to stick up.
Help get this vital information out, and help promote membership.

CSSA AGM and Dinner with NRA President Sandra Froman was a Great Success.
Here is the complete text of her Keynote Address... (more)

Deferral of Gun Shows Regulations
Implementation of the Gun Shows Regulations has been delayed until November 30, 2008. These regulations, pertaining to events where firearms are displayed, were significantly amended in November 2004, and had been scheduled to come into effect in November 2006... (more)

CFC -- New Deactivation Standards
The Registrar has developed new guidelines to ensure that firearms are sufficiently modified to be exempt from the definition of a firearm... (more)

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?
The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is very proud to announce an evening with Ms Sandra S. Froman, PLC, President of the National Rifle Association of the USA.
November 25, 2006: cocktails 6:30pm, dinner 7:00pm

Semi-Formal Attire, door prizes and draws (all proceeds to the Legislative Action Fund)

Townhall Meeting with MP Garry Breitkreuz
On the same afternoon come to the CSSA Town Hall meeting with:

  • MP Garry Breitkreuz, Chairman of the Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus
  • Tony Bernardo, Executive Director, CILA
  • Ed Burlew, LLB General Counsel
  • Jim Newman, CSSA Director of Marketing, Candidate Trainer
Topics: Legal and Legislative Updates, Election Readiness, Q&A

An open letter to the Coalition for Gun Control

Response to Ackerman in Toronto Star

Activity and Information Update, Oct 2006 (PDF 168K)

Press Release -- Anti-gun Bias in Ipsos-Reid Poll

Let’s Talk Outdoors, Press Release
Canada’s first Hunting Radio show will debut October 14, 2006 @ 7:00 – 8:00 AM on The Fan 590.

Let’s Talk Outdoors is Canada’s first live phone-in all hunting radio show. The main purpose of the show is to keep hunting in the minds and hearts of the audience. (more)

Press Statement -- September 15, 2006
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Institute For Legislative Action
National Firearms Association

All members of the Firearms Community are shocked at the tragedy that occurred yesterday at Dawson College in Montreal. We wish to extend our deep and sincere condolences and best wishes to the innocent victims of this heinous random violence, and to their families... (more)

  • Sept 13: Statement from CSSA, CILA, and NFA
    A very great tragedy has occurred today in Montreal... (more)
  • Sept 15: Update from CSSA, CILA, and NFA is becoming evident that there are more issues involved in this incident than just "gun control." We have not seen an outpouring of support for more gun control or saving the national firearms registry at this time, save from one province... (more)

Ontario Shooters -- IMPORTANT: Information Meeting For Gun Owners, Hunters

Rick Norlock, Member of Parliament for Northumberland Quinte West is pleased to announce there will be a meeting on [Tuesday] September 12 at 7 pm at the Lower Trent Valley Fish & Game Club, Fish & Game Club Road, Frankford/Stirling Road, to discuss proposed changes to the federal gun registry and recent developments with the federal outdoor caucus.

On hand to outline the situation with Mr. Norlock will be Garry Breitkreuz, MP, chair of the outdoor caucus and gun registry advisor, as well as representatives from the sponsoring organizations: the Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA), the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, the National Firearms Association, Frankford Trappers Council, Northumberland Pistol and Revolver Club and the Lower Trent Valley Fish & Game Club.

Mr. Breitkreuz will outline the new Firearms Bill which will go before Parliament early in the new session which begins September 18.

For more information on the meeting call: Jim Lawrence, COHA 613-397-1157: Don Richard, Fish & Game Club 613-965-4235: Price Morris, Trappers Council, 613-398-7648: Ed Schneider Pistol & Revolver Club 905-349-2859: Tom Rittwage, Rick Norlock’s office 613-483-8181.

Firearms Community Joint Media Release -- Air Canada
Aug 12, 2006 -- Today, representatives of four major Canadian firearm organizations wrote to request in the strongest possible terms, that the Canadian Transportation Agency disallow Air Canada's $50 charge for transporting firearms.

You Can Help Support the Fight

License Refund Cheques in the Mail (more)

CSSA/CILA Executive in the Media

  • Various shows on NRANews scheduled for this week and next, probably around 5:00-5:30 pm on the Sirius satellite network. TBA. Listen live at:

We're Moving!
Your loyal and valued member support and a dramatic increase in membership have caused us to outgrow our current location. In order properly to continue providing and expanding our services as the Canadian Shooting Sports Association we are moving to a larger space. Thank you, all our wonderful members!

Effective July 1, 2006 our address will be:
7 Director Court, Unit #106, Vaughan, ON, L4L 4S5
Phone 905-265-0692    Fax 905-265-9794
Toll Free: 1-888-873-4339   E-Mail:

CSSA/CILA Director Tony Bernardo's Address to the UN Small Arms Conference
"Mr. President, a great deal has changed in Canada. With the possible exception of Brazil, I do not think any state represented here today has undergone a change in attitude or policy such as Canada has." (Full text here.)

CSSA/CILA Executive in the Media
CSSA/CILA Director Tony Bernardo:

  • addressing the UN Small Arms Conference on Friday.
  • Various shows on NRANews scheduled for this week and next, probably around 5:00-5:30 pm on the Sirius satellite network. TBA. Listen live at:

MEDIA RELEASE – June 21, 2006
...contrary to statements by some individuals, the Firearms licensing system is to remain intact. Firearms licensing information can be accessed by police officers to determine if an individual is licensed to own firearms indicating that their household could contain guns. The legislation further guarantees public safety by requiring a check for every firearm sale to verify the currency and validity of the seller’s and purchaser’s licenses...

Activity and Information Update, June 2006
We've been very busy over the last little while -- here's an update on what's new and what's happening...

This amnesty is very limited as to who is protected and who is not. Non-restricted only. The amnesty provides no protection to those with restricted or prohibited classes on their firearms license... (Important: read more)
OPERATION FIRE-BACK – Your Chance to Support the Fight
At this moment, we have 5 court cases on the go (including 2 class action challenges) with several others waiting for funding. We need your support and the government has given you a painless way to help... (more)
Air Canada – To Fly Or Not To Fly
For those of you who still use Air Canada for your air travel, here is just one more reason not to: Effective June 1, 2006 a one-way handling fee of $65 (CAD) will apply for firearms... (more)
Court Action Update
12(6) – Prohibited Handgun Court Challenge and Special Authority to Possess (SAP)... (more)

MEDIA RELEASE – May 24, 2006
Gun Registry Claims Exaggerated
Supporters of the controversial gun registry have resorted to inflated and outright false claims to justify keeping it alive. Access to information requests have revealed many of the key points used by anti-gun activists, including the Chiefs of Police Association and the Coalition for Gun Control, are misleading at best and distort the true facts...

That wacky "6,500 hits per day" figure.
We've watched this useful figure grow from 2,000 per day in late 2004 ... to 6,500 per day as Auditor General Sheila Fraser released her damning report on the Gun Registry ... it would seem that very few of the "hits" on the Registry database are actually instances of a police officer looking for firearms information.
Police use of the gun registry exaggerated

Do the police support the Gun Registry?
Media outlets often state that the Gun Registry has the support of Canada's police, based on statements from several police chiefs and associations. The story is quite different from actual front-line police officers who say the registry has little or no value.
What police officers really say about the gun registry.

MEDIA RELEASE – May 18, 2006
Gun Registry Changes -- A Good First Step
We congratulate the Conservative Government for keeping their election promise to start the dismantling of the much maligned and wasteful gun registry ... However, we have identified a number of other critical areas that need to be addressed...

Canadian Firearms Centre: Amnesty and Registration Changes as of May 17, 2006
Stockwell Day today announced long-anticipated changes to the Long Gun Registry and Licensing. We owe a large debt of gratitude to the CSSA executive for their tireless efforts in helping secure the concessions announced today. Read the details here.

Also: Changes to the Firearms Program: Frequently Asked Questions
Good explanation of some of the new Gun Registry provisions.

CSSA Executive in Ottawa and in the Media!
CSSA executive members are currently in Ottawa to consult with government regarding imminent changes to the Gun Registry. They are also very busy with media appearances.

  • Tony Bernardo on "Mike Duffy" live from the House of Commons, Tuesday May 16th at 12:45 pm EDT.
  • Tony Bernardo is taking part in a government press conference at 5pm today (Tuesday May 16th) in Ottawa.
  • Larry Whitmore will be on Global National tonight (Tuesday May 16th).
  • Larry Whitmore was interviewed by Canada Press (Nova Scotia).
  • Larry Whitmore on "The Beat" with Ross MacLeod and Craig Bromell on AM640 (Toronto) between 10:30 and 11:00 AM, Wednesday, May 17.
Watch for more updates.

Firearms Owners Must Read This
Special Bulletin for Police No. 69 - April 18, 2006
Revocation of Registration Certificates
The government has indicated its intention to change registration requirements for long guns. However, it will take time to amend the law. Until then, the current law continues to apply.
(Ensure you are in compliance. We're not quite out of the woods yet!)

The 7th Annual
Stick To Your Guns
2006 Gala Fundraising Dinner

There will be a huge selection of great prizes, raffle and auction items, and this year promises to be even better than before.

Canadian Shooting Sports 2006 Guide
The new Annual Shooting Guide is now available! Contact the CSSA office if you would like a copy. New members will receive a copy in their introductory package. Join now!
The 2006 Annual Shooting Guide is now available for download. (PDF 2.6M)