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Mar 26, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY – Harper’s Furor
  • CSSA Annual General Meeting - May 30, 2015 - Ottawa Conference And Event Centre. Great Speakers And Seminars, Special Guests, “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner
  • Commentary #4 – RCMP High River Report
  • Canada In The Rough – Post Rut Whitetails
  • Anti-Gun Hysterics Shooting Blanks
  • Hunter Harassment Bill C-655 To Protect Hunters, Angler And Trappers
  • Gun Bill Show Down At The U.S. Senate In The Next 72 Hours
  • A.A.C.C.A. Calgary Gun Show – April 3 And 4, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Open House – Kincardine Nimrod Club – Saturday, June 13, 2015 – Kincardine, Ontario
  • It’s Finally Here – The 3rd Annual Women’s Outdoor Workshop (Wow) – June 20, 2015 – Blenheim, Ontario
Mar 19, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY – Coalition!
  • In Memoriam – Charles Wayne Morris
  • CSSA Annual General Meeting - May 30, 2015 - Ottawa Conference And Event Centre. Great Speakers And Seminars, Special Guests, “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner
  • Gun/Militaria Show – Sunday, March 22, 2015 – Orangeville, Ontario
  • A.A.C.C.A. Calgary Gun Show – April 3 And 4, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Army Cadets Place 3rd In Marksmanship
  • Commentary #3 – RCMP High River Report – Do You Want A Repeat Of What The RCMP Did In High River For Your Town?
  • NDP Leader Tom Mulcair Remains Open To Liberal Alliance To Knock Out Tories
  • CTV Poll On The Importance Of Guns For Safety In Rural Homes
  • Borrowed Culture Wars
  • Elites "Losing Their Collectivist Minds" Over Harper's Remarks On Guns And Self-Defence
  • Canada In The Rough – Rainforest Ghosts
  • Rick Mercer Report – Rick And Trap Shooting
Mar 5, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY – The Misleading Commissioner Of Firearms Report – 2013
  • CSSA "Stick To Your Guns" Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • CSSA Annual General Meeting - May 30, 2015 - Ottawa Convention Centre. Great Speakers And Seminars, Special Guests, “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner
  • Mother Of Dead Teen Sues Ex For Improperly Stored Rifle
  • Gun Show – Sunday, March 8, 2015 – Pickering, Ontario.
  • Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison Ponders Gun Amnesty To Cut Down On Shootings. Idea Follows A Series Of Recent Shootings In The City
  • Guns – Knives – Militaria – Antiques Show And Sale – March 7 And 8, 2015 – Chilliwack, British Columbia
  • A Message From The Candidate For The Wildrose Party In Strathmore-Brooks, Alberta – Derek Fildebrandt
  • Canada In The Rough – Ontario Wilderness Black Bears
  • Wayne Lapierre: “Universal Background Checks” Mean Gun Registration, Gun Bans And Confiscation
  • A Look At Cartridges Suitable For Big-Game Hunting
Feb 26, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY – More Protection For Sport Shooters And Hunters In Breitkreuz’s Private Members’ Bill
  • CSSA "Stick To Your Guns" Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Guns – Knives – Militaria – Antiques Show And Sale – March 7 And 8, 2015 – Chilliwack, British Columbia
  • Gun Show – Sunday, March 1, 2015 – Markham, Ontario
  • Number Of Violent Crimes Involving Guns Exaggerated By An Over-Inclusive Definition Of Gun Crime
  • RCMP Complaints Commission’s High River Report A Lesson For Police & Communities – How Not To Act In An Emergency
  • Canada In The Rough – British Columbia Fly In Moose
  • Minister Blaney Are You Listening?
  • Defence Research And Development Canada | News | The Evolution Of The Smart Gun
  • 10 Years In Prison For Owning This 250-Year-Old Flintlock Gun?
  • Ministry: Doctors May Get Access To Gun Registry
Feb 18, 2015 E-News
  • GUEST COMMENTARY – Why Didn't The RCMP Tell Reporters The Whole Truth In 2013?
  • Thank You Sun News
  • CSSA "Stick To Your Guns" Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • A CSSA Member Writes ...
  • Sunday Hunting: A Message From The Nova Scotia Federation Of Anglers And Hunters
  • Canada In The Rough – Back Country Mountain Caribou
  • Mounties To Learn A Lesson From Gun-Grab Report, But They Also Need To Learn Gun Owners Are Not A Threat
  • Guns – Knives – Militaria – Antiques Show And Sale – March 7 And 8, 2015 – Chilliwack, British Columbia
  • Following Oct. 22 Attack, Border Guards Lobby To Wear Firearms At Airports
  • Gun Owners Are Second-Class Citizens
  • Pop-Tart Gun Laws: Fighting For The Right To Keep And Bear Pastry In The U.S.
  • Liberal Vermont Likes Guns – Measure To Add Restrictions Garners Opposition From Many, Including Democratic Governor.
Feb 12, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The Long-Awaited RCMP High River Report Has Been Released.
  • CSSA "Stick To Your Guns" Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Dr. Gary Mauser's Commentary On The International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) National Regulation Of Civilian Access To Small Arms And Light Weapons. ISACS 03.30:2015(E) - Draft 3.1
  • Guns – Knives – Militaria – Antiques Show And Sale – March 7 And 8, 2015 – Chilliwack, British Columbia.
  • Ban On Lead In Ammunition Lifted In Norway
  • Canada In The Rough – Three Toms Down
  • Young Races Draw Big At Biathlon Competition
  • Moms Demand Action Holds Kroger Protest: Only 8 People Show Up LOL
  • Clark County’s Gun Registration System Could Be History
  • Masked Animal Rights Activists Beat Hunter Unconscious With Metal Bars
  • Cities Repealing Overreaching Gun Laws Across Pennsylvania
Feb 3, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Canada’s Gun Laws – A Legal Quagmire For Law-Abiding Firearms Owners
  • CSSA/CSAAA Hold Second Annual Canadian Industry Shot Show Reception In Las Vegas, Nevada
  • CSSA "Stick To Your Guns" Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Gun Militaria Show – Sunday, February 8, 2015 – Jerseyville, Ontario
  • 2015 Canadian National Rifle Silhouette Championships – July 5-11 – Prince George Rod And Gun Club, Prince George, British Columbia
  • House Of Commons | Hansard | February 3, 2015 | Oral Questions
  • Who Can Buy A Handgun?
  • Mission Creep: DEA Contemplated Mass Surveillance Of Gun Show Attendees
  • Connecticut’s Sandy Hook (Gun Ban) Commission About To Make More Bad Recommendations
  • FBI Confirms That While Gun Sales Are Up, Violent Crime Is Down
Jan 27, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Another Incident In The Persecution Of Canada's Gun Owners
  • CSSA “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • A Reader Comments...
  • Gun Militaria Show – Sunday, February 1, 2015 – Orangeville, Ontario
  • 2015 SHOT Show Posts Second Highest Attendance Total Ever
  • New NSSF Report: More Women Owning Guns, Going Target Shooting And Hunting
  • Canada In The Rough – Alberta In The Rut
  • The Canadian Long-Gun Registry: A Preliminary Evaluation
  • Radio Interviews Of Note:
  • – Michael Woodard Self-Defence Charges – Interview With Lawyer Ed Burlew
  • – High River Gun Grab – Lorne Gunter & High River Resident, Richard
  • DSC Convention Goers Raise $1 Million In 1 Minute
  • 2015 Canadian National Rifle Silhouette Championships – July 5-11 – Prince George Rod And Gun Club, Prince George, British Columbia
  • Sheriff Urges New Yorkers: ‘Throw Gun Renewals In Garbage’
  • In Case You Missed It – We Are Not Charlie Hebdo (by Rex Murphy | National Post | January 10, 2015)
Jan 15, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: St. Albert Gazette Editors Drink Thomas Mulcair‘S Anti-Gun Koolaid
  • CSSA “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Ajax Antique Arms Association (Aaaa) Gun Show – Sunday, January 18, 2015 – Pickering, Ontario
  • Do You Have Swedish Ancestory? Love Hunting? The Biggest Tv Show In Sweden Is Now Searching For Americans And Canadians With Swedish Ancestory
  • Defending Self-Defence
  • Gun Violence Will Be Election Issue
  • Bill Blair Eyed For Federal Politics – Outgoing Toronto Police Chief Being Wooed By Two Parties
  • Canada In The Rough – Yukon Moose Mania, Part 2
  • Winning The Universal Background Check War
  • Christie Administration Proposes More Gun Control For New Jersey
  • 2015 Canadian National Rifle Silhouette Championships – July 5-11 – Prince George Rod And Gun Club, Prince George, British Columbia
  • Police Attitudes On Armed Self Defence Are A Changing
Jan 8, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY – The Canadian Way: 68-Year-Old Home Invasion Victim Charged With Crime
  • CSSA “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner – April 3, 2015 – Calgary, Alberta
  • Ontario Arms Fair – Sunday, January 11, 2015 – Markham, Ontario
  • New Democrat Mp Says Party Won’t Pull Trigger On New Registry
  • Canada In The Rough – Yukon Moose Mania Part 1
  • High River Guns In Closets, Under Beds
  • Kansas 9 Year Old Punished By School For Single Empty Brass Shell
  • 2015 Canadian National Rifle Silhouette Championships – July 5-11 – Prince George Rod And Gun Club, Prince George, British Columbia
  • Texas Rep Introduces Legislation Barring Federal Gun Control, Past, Present Or Future
  • The Gun Dude Opens First Retail Location Outside Washington, DC
Jan 3, 2015 E-News
  • COMMENTARY – U.S. Based Anti-Gun Group Urges Children To Take Guns To School
  • AACCA 2015 Spring Arms Show – Calgary, Alberta – April 3 And 4
  • CSSA “Stick To Your Guns” Dinner – Calgary, Alberta – April 3
  • Under The "Know Thine Enemy" Column: Stephen Harper Position On Global Arms Trade Treaty Reads Like A Page Out Of Nra Handbook
  • Canada In The Rough -- It’s Turkey Time!
  • More Proof That As Gun Ownership Increases, Violent Crime Decreases
  • NDP, Liberals Import Grassroots Approach From The Obama Campaigns
  • 1 Man Shot, 4 Charged In St. Stephen-Area Home Invasion – Alleged Assailant Shot In The Leg And The Homeowner Was Also Injured In The Home Invasion
  • Canadian National Silhouette Championship
  • Increasing Number Of Firearms On Ottawa Streets Due To Influx Of Illegal Guns From The U.S., Police Say
  • U.S. News: Your Child’s Pediatrician Has No Business Lecturing You On Gun Ownership
Dec 24, 2014 E-News
  • Thank You From Team CSSA!
  • COMMENTARY – "There's Just More Guns In The City."
  • 2015 CSSA Annual General Meeting – Proposed Constitutional Change
  • Anti-Gun Lobby's Tactics Are Misleading
  • A History Of Failure? The Evidence Does Not Support Advocates Of Stricter Gun Controls
  • How New York Confiscates Guns
  • Over 1,000 Gun Owners Violate Washington’s I-594 - In Front Of Police!
  • Massive Moose And Mountain Caribou
  • Police Chief: Volunteer To Have Your Homes Searched For Guns
  • For Immediate Release: DSC-Backed Bill Offers Constitutional Right To Hunt
  • Canadian National Silhouette Championship
  • Peruvian Congress Approves New Gun Bill
  • What A Difference A Gun Makes
  • Telephone Calls Received At The RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program's Firearms National Call Centre
  • Former Sydney Deputy Mayor: Lift Gun Ban So Australians Can Defend Themselves
Dec 4, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: There’s No Money In Telling The Truth
  • Gun And Militaria Show: Sunday, December 7, 2014, 7:30 A.M. To 1 P.M. at The Orangeville Fairgrounds
  • Montreal Massacre Continues To Divide Politicians On Parliament Hill
  • Ndp Would Bring In Gun Registry, Mulcair Says
  • Ignorance Is Amiss
  • Stalking Big Bears
  • Gunsmith Fears Losing His Home, After Challenge To Long Gun Registry Fails
  • How Forgetting To Fill Out Paperwork Landed This Canadian In Jail
  • Investigators Head Back To High River To 'Tie Up Loose Ends' On Gun Seizure Probe – Premier Jim Prentice Said The High River Situation "Warrants Explanation Of What Actually Happened."
Nov 20, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Good Riddance To You Jay Leno
  • Ontario Women's Hunting Association
  • Maple Leaf International Muzzle Loading Association And The Canadian International Muzzle Loading Team
  • Gun Show: Sunday, November 23 At The Markham Fairgrounds, On
  • Alberta MP Irked Over Repeatedly Delayed Inquiry Into High River Gun Seizures
  • British Police Call On Nation To ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ As ‘Knife Violence’ Continues
  • Record-Level Of Support For Guns In The Home
  • Canada In The Rough – Massive Yukon Ram
  • Activists Outraged – Registration Does Lead To Confiscation
Nov 13, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The Answer To Criminals With Illegal Handguns Is ... More Laws For Criminals To Ignore?
  • We're Growing Again
  • 2015 Election Notice
  • A Warm Welcome For Our Newest Partner!
  • Give The Gift Of CSSA - $5 off
  • CSSA - For Life!
  • Francis Pegahmagabow, Unsung Wwi Hero, To Get Overdue Recognition
  • Crossbow Give Away
  • Canada In The Rough – Giant Ontario Bruins
  • Ottawa Teacher Who Stored Guns At School Guilty Of Misconduct – Teacher Stored An Arsenal Of Mostly Inoperable And Replica Guns At His High School
Nov 5, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The Cabela’s Poppy Kerfuffle
  • Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates In Us Midterm Election
  • Toronto Police Chief Rejects Request To Allow Officers To Carry Service Guns When Off The Clock
  • Ultimate Arctic Adventure
  • Hunting News – "A Win For Science Over Emotion" – Bear Hunters Victorious On Maine Ballot
  • Moose On The Loose – Overabundant Population Threatens Health Of Cape Breton Highlands National Park Forest
  • Open-Carry Advocate Targeted In 'Swatting'
Oct 30, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The Uncommon Art Of Common Sense
  • Gun & Militaria Show This Sunday, November 2, At Woodstock Fairgrounds
  • About That Gun Registry...
  • Ultimate Arctic Adventure
  • Harvard Study - No Correlation Between Gun Control And Less Violent Crime
  • Suspect In Olds Gun Incident Released
  • California Start Up Creates Gun Technology That Tells Dispatch How, When Cop Guns Are Fired
Oct 23, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Premier Kathleen Wynne, Ontario, And Firearms.
  • CSSA Winter League Matches This Weekend In Arnprior – October 25 And 26
  • World's Leading Shooters To Meet In Gabala
  • Hunter Says PM On Target. Politics: Harper In Sault For Talk That Aims At Conservation, Hunting And Fishing
  • Kenora Nordic And Biatholon Looking To Expand Youth Participation This Winter
  • Turkeys In Tight
  • Girls Leading Way In New Gun Trend As Parents Tell Anti-Gun Lobby To Back Off
  • Grizzly Bear Entered Claudia Huber’s House Before Fatal Attack -- Couple Fled Home Pursued By Grizzly
Oct 7, 2014 Special Report
  • Several years of hard work have come to fruition: Harper Government announces common sense firearms measures for law-abiding firearms owners.
Sept 3, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Can Gun Owners Look For Protection In A Liberal Tent?
  • Liberals To The Letter: Form Letter On Liberal Party's Stance On Gun Control
  • Dr. Mauser Hits Another Home Run
  • Fly-In Bears In Algoma Country
  • Gun Stamps Gun – New Football Jersey Provokes Anti's Ire
  • Tired Of Pushy CFOs And Police Searches? Don't Watch These Videos!
Aug 26, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Gun Classification Needs Surgery, Not Mere Band-Aid Fix
  • 2014 Ontario Pistol Championship
  • Stalking Big Bears
  • Just Like The Old Days: Firearms Appear To Be A Major Attraction At Canadian Tire
  • Cheryl Gallant, M.P. Sends Encouragement To Gun Owners
  • Fewer Murders In Concealed Carry States
  • BCWF Letter Asks Minister To Reconsider Mandatory Training
Aug 20, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Harper Government Resists Power-Hungry Police
  • Tribute To The Late John Mock
  • CBC Says Militarizing Police Deadly And Expensive
  • In Case You Were Thinking It Doesn't Happen Here
  • New Glasgow First N.S. Town To Receive Cougar
  • Durham Regional Police Boast Biggest And Best Toy Of All - An Armoured Personnel Carrier
  • Sir Robert Peel's Principles Of Policing
  • Kevin Gaudet Joins Sun TV
  • Former MP Disagrees With His Former Political Party
  • MP Agrees With His Current Political Party
  • Police Tell Detroit Citizens To Arm Themselves
Aug 15, 2014 Special Report/Media Release
  • Harper government stops RCMP firearms reclassification system in its tracks.
Aug 8, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: "Anti-Gun Nuts" Will Lose The War Of Words
  • Sign Up For Handgun Safety And Range Safety Officer Courses Now!
  • Breaking: Justin Bourque Pleads Guilty
  • Canadians Join The Gun Fun In New Mexico
  • Gun & Militaria Show: Sunday, August 10 At Orangeville Fairgrounds From 7:30 A.M. To 1 P.M.
  • Anti-Gun Folks Confuse Firearms Laws With Real Public Safety
  • And Now The Reality – Guns Actually Prevent Crime
  • High River Neglect Extends Sad Canadian Legacy
  • Writer Says Firearms Debate Creates Extremes
  • Massive Yukon Ram
Aug 1, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Public Safety Minister Blasts CFOs For Misleading Public
  • COMMENTARY: Media Attacks Blaney For Daring To Say Gun “Right”
  • Media Cites Supreme Court “Facts” To Show Gun Ownership Not A Right
  • Gun Show – Sunday, August 3 At The Marriott Hall, 630 Trinity Road, Jerseyville, Ontario.
  • B.C. Shooting Competition Draws Widespread Buzz
  • Breitkreuz Supports Blaney – Owning Firearms Is A Right
  • Sun News Editorial Tells It Like It Is
July 25, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Proposed Act Attracts Kudos For Minister Blaney
  • Reaction to the proposed Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act has been mixed, but mostly very positive.
  • Kenora MP Says New Gun Laws Help His Constituents
  • Hotlinks To Sun News Coverage Of The Proposed Firearms Laws
  • Toronto Candidate Slams Olivia Chow On Handgun Ban
  • Beasleys Will Need Some Cranberry Sauce
  • John Lott Discusses Gun Violence In Video
July 23, 2014 Media Release
  • Harper government introduces firearms bill to cut red tape
July 10, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Continues Training Media And Government
  • COMMENTARY: Jumping From The Political Frying Pan Into The Fire
  • CORRESPONDENCE: U.N. Gun Marking Scheme No Big Deal? Think Again
  • Edmonton Huntfest – Share The Passion: July 25 – 27 /
  • Hunting Mature Bucks
  • Rookie RCMP Officer Leaves Loaded Shotgun On City Street
  • RCMP Officer Needs 14 Shots To Kill Ailing Calf
  • Progress – Anti-Gun Writer Sees The Folly In Gun Control
  • Supreme Court Grants Land Title To B.C. First Nation
  • Firearm Legal Defence Has Got You Covered
July 3, 2014 Special Report
  • RCMP Still Inventing Excuses For High River Break-Ins And Gun Grab
  • Withholding documents is only prolonging the agony – it's time for the whole truth to come out.
June 25, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: U.N. Gun Marking Stays On The Radar
  • SPEECH: Tony Bernardo Addresses The United Nations
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Encourages Gun Owners To Push Their Pens
  • Intercepted – Letter To Gun Owner From The Liberal Party Of Canada
  • Gun Policy News Runs Out Of Support
  • Working Cop Critical Of Anti-Gun Media
  • Spend Some TV Time With The Beasley Boys
  • Bruce Montague To Forfeit Gun Collection
  • Unsuspecting Canadians Drive Guns Over Border
  • Cleveland Mayor Shoots For Criminal Registry
June 16, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Ron Charach – From Ridiculous To Irresponsible
  • Charach's Over-The-Top Post-Moncton Rant
  • I'll See Your Charach And Raise You A Rathjen
  • Letter Writer Challenges Rathjen's “Expert” Status
  • Massive Moose And Mountain Caribou
  • No Need For Good Guys With Guns? Just Huddle And Cover
  • U.S. Military Buying Frangible Ammo
  • John Lott Has More Proof That Gun-Free Zones Attract Killers
June 10, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Kudos To Media That Refuse To Make Mass Killers Famous
  • Sun News Will Not Provide Killer's Name Or Photo
  • June 14 – Watch Garry Breitkreuz And Tony Bernardo On TV – Canada In The Rough
  • Perth Gun, Hunting, And Sportsman Show
  • Bob Zimmer, MP Presents High River Petition In Parliament
  • Crazed Couple Ambush Police In Las Vegas
  • Gun Control Coalition Stays On Fear-Based Script
  • Police Magazine Advocates Leaving Killers Nameless
May 30, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Proposed Ontario Handgun Ban Is An Election Prod
  • COMMENTARY: Santa Barbara Mass Murder A Study In Mental Disorder
  • Canada In The Rough – Spotting And Stalking Mulies
  • Waterloo County Revolver Association -- CND 1800+900 Monthly Match Invitation – June 2014
  • Taking Away Guns Doesn't Remove The Problem
  • Need Prespective On Actual U.S. Gun Deaths?
  • Massacre Preventable If Warnings Heeded
  • Americans Not Aware Homicides Are Down Dramatically
  • Women Excel At The Hunt
May 23, 2014 E-News
  • GUN GRAB COMMENTARY: The High River Cover-Up Continues
  • Exclusive Interview – BC Conservatives Leader Dan Brooks
  • Lee Enfield Brigade Match
  • From the "And they can't figure out why we get our dander up" department
  • Like Wine, Cheese, Guns, And Living In Pickering–Scarborough East?
  • Once Proud RCMP In Sad Sate Of Affairs
  • Moscow Joins Ottawa In Refusal To Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
  • Detroit's Top Cop Says Guns Equals Safety
  • Brit Shooters Take To Ranges And Fields In Growing Numbers
May 16, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Takes Canada's Legislators To The Shooting Range
  • Obituary: Calvin Steven Martin, Q.C. – February 26, 1933 – April 21, 2014
  • Beasleys Bag Big Bears With Bows
  • Needed – Club Seeks Trap Machine
  • Anti-Gun Media Poised To Pile On
  • Dennis Young Debunks Cost Of Canadian Firearms Program
  • Columnist Calls Out Public Safety Minister
  • Update On 3D Plastic Gun Trend
  • Reader responses to: True Story – What Would You Do?
May 8, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Times They Are A-Changin' At CSSA
  • Want To Be A Club-Level Instructor? Sign Up For Handgun Safety And Range Safety Officer Courses!
  • We're Growing Again
  • True Story – What Would You Do?
  • Canada In The Rough – Ramming In The Yukon
  • MP (And Former RCMP Officer) Predicts Joy Ahead For Gun Owners
  • Bob Zimmer, MP Sends Pro-Gun Message, Too
  • Gun Control, By Mark Steyn
  • Toronto Star Scribbler Amazed That Gun Laws Don't Work
  • CBC Can't See Why Smart Guns Are Dumb Idea
Apr 30, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The Niagara AGM Focuses Energy And Enthusiasm For Shooting Sports
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Awards Depict Dedication And Tenacity
  • Many Thanks To All Of Our AGM/Stick To Your Guns Dinner Sponsors!
  • Calvin Martin QC Passes
  • Remington Recall
  • Ontario Spring Bears Should Duck – Court Opens Season
  • Larry Miller, M.P. Tells It Like It Is In Parliament
  • Gun Shows Abounding – Pick Your Favourite!
  • Beasley Vs. Ontario Bruins
  • Statscan Says Gun Crimes Continue Decline
  • Crime Prevention Research Center – John Lott Is Crowd-Funding
  • More Ranges Needed In Alberta
Apr 21, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: RCMP Using Gun Bans As Last Gasp For Relevance
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Honoured To Present Esteemed AGM Speakers
  • Ottawa Pistol Match
  • Sun News Celebrates Three Years
  • Amnesty Reminder For Gun Owners
  • Are Knives The New Guns?
  • Shoot Like A Girl
  • Animal Rights Lefties Say Bear Hunt Is CrueL
Apr 14, 2014 E-News
  • Come to the Calgary Gun Show - April 18 and 19, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Too Soon To Write Off Harper Government
  • COMMENTARY: MP Garry Breitkreuz Hailed As Firearms Champion
  • Jim Flaherty Was A Good Friend To Firearms Owners
  • Canada In The Rough – Huge Redemption Island Bears
  • Garry Breitkreuz – Minister Of Firearms – Serving Last Term
  • MP Cheryl Gallant Spreads The Word
  • Join CSSA For A Tasty Niagara Gorge – Stick To Your Guns Buffet!
  • Tungsten Shot Illegal In Denmark
  • U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Getting Backdoor Treatment?
  • Chicago Murder Rate Down After Concealed Carry Law
  • National Post Letters To The Editor On Fort Hood Shootings
  • Johnny, Get Your Gun-Free Zone
Apr 1, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Coalition For Gun Control Seeking More Handouts
  • COMMENTARY: Gun Control Talking Head Admits Registry Was A Confiscation Tool
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Is Grateful For Growing Support From Gun Owners
  • Indoor Provincial Championship Rifle & Pistol Competition
  • Hunting Mature Bucks – April 5 On Tv
  • Saskatchewan Media Covers Gun Show
  • More Global Propaganda On The Gun Registry
  • U.S. Firearms Execs Take The Discussion To Congress
Mar 24, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Green Party Of Canada Speaks Out For Gun Owners
  • COMMENTARY: Is Seeking Workable Solutions With Legislators Such A Bad Thing?
  • CSSA 2014 Annual General Meeting And Banquet
  • Nipissing Rifle And Revolver Club 2014 Gun Show
  • 20Th Annual Eganville Gun Show
  • 14Th Annual Perth Gun, Hunting And Sportsman Show 2014
  • Canada In The Rough – Amazing Atlantic Adventure
  • Rob Furlong's Straight Shot
  • Stoeger Canada Hires New General Manager
  • Former Cop Says “Mounties Trampling Gun Owners”
  • John Lott Debates Anti-Gunnies
  • Point And Counterpoint
Mar 17, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Dennis Young Is A Driving Force For Fair Firearms Laws
  • Dennis Young Posts Official Resignation
  • Swiss Arms - CZ-858 - Public Safety Minister Makes Amnesty Official
  • Barrie Gun Club Noise Exemptions
  • Orangeville Ontario Gun And Militaria Show
  • Canada Ammo Raises Funds For CSSA
  • Sign Firearms Ban Petition For Ron Anders, MP
  • Ezra Levant Of Sun News Needs Help
  • Bear Hunting With Kevin Beasley
  • Gun Owner Remembers The Good Old Days
  • Shooting Is A “Fantastic Family Sport”
  • Letter To The Editor Tells It Like It Is
Mar 7, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Members Stay Cool During RCMP Gun Ban Crisis
  • COMMENTARY: Special For The Firearms Community And Industry Members: Loose Lips Still Sink Ships
  • RCMP Creates Gun Ban Turmoil – Bryant Cites “Killing Machines”
  • Garry And Tony Take A Turn On Canada In The Rough
  • MP Miller Seconds Motion For Firearms Experts Technical Committee
  • Great Sun News Video Of The SHOT Show By Bryn Weese
  • Not-So-Great Facebook Policy Bans Firearms Advertising
  • Natpost Columnist Explains Gun Owners' Distress
Mar 1, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: RCMP Use New Gun Bans To Embarrass The Government
  • The Mounties Have Reinforced The Need For A Firearms Expert Technical Committee.
  • Commentary Submission From A CSSA Member. First They Came... By Bryan Moir
  • Message From Public Safety Mnister Steven Blaney
  • Gun Prohibition Outcome Is Developing – From Question Period
  • Canada In The Rough – Fly-In Bears In Algoma Country
  • OFAH Seeks Spring Bear Hunt Support
  • Ukranian Gun Owners Association Speaks Out
Feb 24, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Former Liberal Cabinet Minister Admits Gun Control Cost Them 60 Rural Seats
  • The Canadian Firearms Industry Mourns The Passing Of John Mock
  • This Week On “Canada In The Rough:” Fly-In Bears In Algoma Country
  • Gun Expert Gary Mauser Says Remove Lawful Gun Owners' Info On CPIC
  • Product Warning And Recall Notice: Winchester® 22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammunition
  • New Record For U.S. Firearm Production In 2012
  • Dick Cabela Dead At 77
  • India makes gun designed for women
Feb 17, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Young Liberals Get An “F” For Gun Control Research
  • In Memorium: John Mock
  • Gun Politics Could Make Or Break Trudeau The Younger
  • Tory M.P. Warns That Liberals Will Resurrect Gun Registry
  • This Week On Canada In The Rough
  • Garry Breitkreuz, M.P. Receives SCI “Legislator Of The Year” Award
  • Airport Gun Hysteria Takes Off
  • Heaven Forbid – Gun Store Offers Credit To Customers
  • U.S. Poll Shows Cops Believe Gun Control Increases Gun Crime
Feb 10, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: All Responsible Gun Owners Share Common Thread
  • COMMENTARY: Canadian Access To Firearms Publication A Real Bargain
  • Don't Forget To Enter The CSSA Gun Draw – Win Two Rifles!
  • Firearm Legal Defence Sales Surging
  • High River Gun Grab Separates CPC Candidates
  • Sun News Is On The Job – Enjoying Heritage Sports
  • U.S. Gun Control Rhetoric Ramps Up
  • Canada Offers Cold Comfort To U.S. Citizen With Handgun
  • Word Spreads In U.S. – Canada Is The Coal Mine Canary
  • John Lott Accuses ABC News Of Misleading Americans
Feb 3, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Canada's Outdoors In Good Hands With The Beasley Brothers
  • This Week On Canada In The Rough: Moose Madness
  • B.C. Black Powder Cartridge Match
  • Gun And Militaria Show
  • Canada’s Gun-Classification System Called "Deeply Flawed"
  • The Story – Break-In Victim Charged With Gun Infraction
  • The Rebuttal – Break-In Victim Charged With Gun Infraction
Jan 27, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: What Do Current Polling Trends Mean To Gun Owners?
  • Alberta Shooting Competition Results
  • The “Logic” Behind Gun Buy-Back Programs
  • Government Hiding Firearms Program Cost From Taxpayers
  • Minister Van Loan Supports International Shooting Event
  • Connecticut Says “Oh Poop” When Masses Refuse To Register Guns
  • Twisted Microstamping Logic – A Gun Makers' Self-Inflicted Wound?
  • Obama-Backed Mexican Troops Disarm And Kill Civilians
Jan 20, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Anti-NRA Hollywood Flick Will Be Propaganda 101 Lesson
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Holds SHOT Show Reception In Las Vegas
  • CSSA Club Level Instructors – Club Level Handgun Safety And Range Safety Officer – A Few Openings Still Available
  • We Need Your Help At The Toronto Sportsman Show
  • Right Edition Ammo Draw Awards 11,000 Rounds
  • Alberta Trappers Show Coming In July
  • Gun & Militaria Show
  • Public Safety Minister Walks The Walk
  • Gun Violence Compared In Canada And U.S. – Both Way Down
  • Canadian Gun Registry Tech Firm Fired By U.S. Gov't
Jan 10, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Gun Controllers Embody Muddled Disarray
  • Going To The SHOT Show?
  • This Lousy Website Can Create Criminals
  • Minister Blaney's Plain Message To The Quebec Government
  • CSAAA Industry Trade Show Coming To Edmonton
  • Sudbury Area Gun Club Offers RPAL/PAL Course
  • Laying It On The Line --
  • – I – Former Breitkreuz Staffer Admonishes Harper
  • – II – A Firearms Licensing History Lesson
  • – III – Lilley On Gun Confiscation
  • – IV – Gunter Keeps The Iron Hot In High River
  • Canadian Tire Apologizes For Illegally Taking Registry Info
  • Brits Learning The Hard Way – Crime Soars 35% After Gun Bans
Jan 4, 2014 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: 2013 Was A Mixed Blessing For Lawful Firearms Owners
  • COMMENTARY: Compilation Of Anti-Gun Propaganda Published During 2013
  • CSSA Club Level Instructors – Club Level Handgun Safety And Range Safety Officer
  • Going To The SHOT Show?
  • Regina Biathelete Heading To Sochi For 2014 Olympics
  • Magpul Industries Announces Plans For Relocation
  • Detroit Police Chief: Legal Gun Owners Can Deter Crime
Dec 31, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Natural Resources Canada Is Bang On With Draft Regs For Handloading Ammo
  • COMMENTARY: Breathless Global News Story Was A Hoax
  • Global News Fails To Sell Its Bigger Bang Theory
  • Mikhail Kalashnikov Dead At 94
  • Time Is Ripe For Gun Owners To Seek Concessions
  • Stark Reality – Armed Guard At School Best Gun Control
  • JPFO Debunks Popular American Firearms Myth
Dec 18, 2013 Explosives Act Update
  • Explosives Act Update – Good News For Handloaders
Dec 16, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Will High River Documentary Fall On Deaf Ears?
  • CSSA Member Shares His Letter About Ledger Abuse
  • HO HO HO – Buy A CSSA Membership For Christmas!
  • Paranoid Victoria Council Tries Gun Ban
  • Canadian Smith Secures Olympic Spot In Biathlon
  • Prairie Firearm Owner Tests New Self-Defence Laws
  • MP Bruce Hyer – Gun Owners' Friend – Joins Green Party
  • Concerns In Saskatchewan Over Deer Harvest
Dec 11, 2013 Special Report
  • Documentary of the RCMP's High River abuses airs on SUN TV
Dec 10, 2013 Special Report
  • Sun News Documentary - Broken Trust: What Went Down In High River
Dec 9, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Outdoors Caucus Association And Fur Institute Event A Great Success
  • COMMENTARY: Ottawa, We Have A Problem – But You Can Easily Fix It
  • Brother Of Polytechnique Victim Tells It Like It Is
  • U.N. Gun Marking Regs On Hold, But Still Threaten Industry
  • Coalition On Gun Control Still Embracing Faulty Logic
Dec 2, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Canada's Bureaucrats Run Roughshod Over Our Rights
  • COMMENTARY: RCMP And CBC Stir The High River Propaganda Pot
  • Feds Cancel Environment Canada Witch-Hunt On Lead Ammo
  • Wow – CBC Blames Conservative Staffers For High River Concern
  • Quebec Media Make Feeble Effort To Show Gun Registry Works
Nov 25, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Supreme Court Panders To Quebec By Hearing Gun Registry Twaddle
  • COMMENTARY: Anti-Gun Crowd Needs To Chastise One Of Their Own
  • COMMENTARY: Toronto Gun Crimes Down 85% Since Registry Scrapped
  • Supremes Prepare To Dance With Quebec
  • Heinous Video Takes Aim At Guns Through Sandy Hook
Nov 19, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The Trouble With Mandatory Minimum Sentences
  • High River Victims Still Angry With Police
  • Back To The Land For Women Hunters
  • Former M.P. Says Government Needs To Kill Bill C-68
  • Foundation Continues To Assist Fighting Firearms Charges
  • But, How Can Gun Owners Protect Themselves From Unfair Charges?
  • Read 21 Reasons Why Gun Control Increases Violent Crime
  • PBS Covers Gun Control Story In The U.S.
  • You Can Win A CSSA Gun Combo!
Nov 10, 2013 E-News
  • Lest We Forget
  • COMMENTARY: Ottawa Police Join Media In "Pixels For Propaganda" Triumph
  • Ottawa Police Intimidated By Guns On Table?
  • U.S. Newspaper Asks CSSA About Registry Data Contractor
  • Conservatives Fail To Deliver On Firearms Issue
  • See Garry Breitkreuz MP Discuss Conservative Motion On Firearms
  • Back Door Gun Control Evidence In The U.S.
Nov 3, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: A CSSA Open Letter To Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Commentary: Speech By Tony Bernardo At The United Nations
  • Sign The Petition To Bring Back Ontario's Spring Bear Hunt
  • Breakthrough – CBC Runs Positive Story On Firearms Courses
  • CGI's Incompetence Knows No Boundaries
  • Cabela's To Open Number Five In Canada
  • Interpol Advocates Arming Civilians
  • Don't Forget To Enter The CSSA Gun Draw!
Oct 23, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Does Throne Speech Leave Gun Owners Out In The Cold?
  • Lookout Americans: Is a smoke screen for CGI gun registry built in Canada?
  • Sun TV's Brian Lilley talks about CGI's Scandalous Past: A History Of Failure.
  • Gun Show This Sunday Oct 27Th
  • Brits Massaging Crime Stats To Give Gun Control Credence
  • Showing The Boys How It's Done
  • CBC Uses Newfoundland Mayor As Gun Critic
Oct 18, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Court Case Against Ontario CFO Moving Forward
  • Air Match Invitations For Ottawa And Kitchener
  • Don't Teach Children About Air Guns -- Just Regulate
  • U.S. Senate Rejects U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
  • Good Question For The Anti-Gun People You Know
  • Ontario Spring Bear Hunt Gets New Support
  • Hey New Brunswick – Got Your Firearm Insurance Yet?
  • Yikes -- Should We Tell What We've Learned?
  • Hey Pardner -- Win A CSSA Gun Combo!
  • Check Out Who's Shooting What In The U.S.
Oct 7, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Minister Baird Shows Foresight And Experience On U.N. Arms Treaty
  • Shooting Club Helps Food Bank
  • CSSA Regional Director Is New Mommy
  • Editorial Gulps The Left-Wing Bait
  • Former Iggy Aide Says Canada "Embarrassing" At UN
  • Canada's "Firearms Lobby" Approves Baird Decision So Far
  • Obama Finally Listening To NRA Solution?
  • Say What? Ottawa Police Claim Half Of Street Guns Stolen From Homes...
  • ...CSSA responds.
Sep 25, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Chief Firearms Offices Thumbing Their Nose At Federal Government
  • Gun Owners Still Waiting For Harper Government Support
  • Firearm Legal Defence Now Available In New Brunswick
  • Federal Court Judge Preserves Quebec Gun Registry Data Until Top Court Weighs In
  • Canada Holds Off Joining U.S. Global Arms Trade Treaty
  • Manitoba Judge Overrules Gun Crime Law
  • Alberta Premier Claims High River Victims Too Dramatic
  • Hunting In America – Big Bucks And Big Economic Impact
  • Coren Column Fires On All Cylinders
Sep 20, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA Lawsuit Against Ontario CFO -- Will It Go Round In Circles?
  • Ontario Conservative Fundraiser: Join Kevin Gaudet & Friends For A Day On The Range!
  • Orono Show Cancelled
  • Sport Shooters Raise Money For Charity
  • Politician Shows His Cowboy Swagger
  • If Ian Thomson Doesn't Qualify To Carry, Who Does?
  • Only In The U.S. You Say? Pity
Sep 12, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Federal Election Clock Is Ticking – What, Me Worry?
  • Current government owns C-68: Gun owners will not be fooled
  • Last chance to do the right thing
Sep 9, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Alberta Politics Leave High River Gun Owners Fuming
  • Alberta Minister Drops Effin' Bomb
  • Scribbler Sees Wedge Politics In Alberta
  • Hot Link To Hot Lead
  • Star Blames The Knives This Time
  • Liberal Media Distort Gun Debate With Loaded Language
Sep 5, 2013 News Release
  • CSSA attends High River meeting to seek truth behind RCMP break-ins
  • "There was no threat and no reason for it:" Tony Bernardo
Aug 30, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Harvard Gun Control Study Resurfaces Six Years Later
  • Harvard Study Shoots Holes In Gun Control
  • Yet More Coverage On The Harvard Study
  • Shooters Look Sharp In Calgary
  • Ottawa Competition On The Horizon
  • Pinecrest Gun Club Competition
  • Win 11,000 Rounds Of Ammo From Right Edition
  • Oldest Vote-Getter In The Book
  • Stab Assailant With Your Gun Locker Key
  • Our U.S. Cousins Enjoy New Shooters
Aug 22, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Good Friends In Firearms Community Are Essential
  • In Memoriam: Nick Manioudakis
  • Bruce Montague Trial Date Set For November 15
  • Is The .303 On Its Last Legs?
  • U.S. Org Survey Shows Solid Support For Hunters
  • Canadian Shooters Enjoy Summer Competitions
  • Shooting Federation Of Canada National Matches
  • Gun Control Is A War On Women
  • NFA To Take Quebec Government To Task
  • 18 Facts That Show Guns Make Us Safer
  • U.S. Pundit Warns Against Warrior Cops
  • Be On The Lookout
Aug 8, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Generous Offer From The Shooting Edge
  • COMMENTARY: Practice Makes Perfect Sense In Shooting Sports
  • Shooting Club Holds Successful International Match
  • No Bias Here: CRTC Rejects Sun News Network Request To Be Carried On Basic Cable
  • High River Confiscations Continue To Confuse
Aug 6, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Gun Seizure Story Pretends Gun Registry Effective
  • Gun Registry A Boon For Police?
  • CND 1800 Monthly Match Invitation
  • Gun Show Sunday, August 11Th At Orangeville Fairgrounds
  • Anti-Gun Psychiatrist's Letter To Editor In The National Post...
  • ...And The Rebuttals That Sink The Shrink
  • U.S. Media Also Rife With Bias And Deceit
July 18, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Toronto Star Needs To Be Educated -- But Will They Listen?
  • Timson's Jaw-Droppingly Awful Assessment Of Gun Owners
  • Canadian Shooters Successful In Kentucky
  • Gun Owners Of Canada Web Forum – Check It Out!
  • Win 11,000 Rounds Of Ammo From Right Edition
  • U.S. Publication Examines Failed Canadian Gun Control Effort
  • Alleged Firearms Registry Shenanigans
  • Police Hammered For Illegal Searches
  • ...And What Better Time To Mention – Firearm Legal Defence Insurance
July 12, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Columnist Lorne Gunter – Old-School Ethics And Analysis
  • Firearm Legal Defence Insurance
  • Gunter Examines How To Fix The RCMP
  • Oops – Writer Gobbles RCMP Bait
  • U.S. Gun Export Dollar-Limit Raised For Canadians
  • Want To Find A Place To Shoot?
  • How Much To Create A Gun Registry In Quebec?
  • Media Ignores Favourable Firearms Study In U.S.
July 5, 2013 E-News
  • Attention High River Residents – Essential Information Required!
  • COMMENTARY: Liberal Anti-Gun Shill Embedded In News Story
  • Anti-Gun Davies Says PMO Out Of Line Criticizing Coppers
  • Columnist Critical Of Coppers For Deception
  • RCMP Claims Ripped-Off Gun Owners Are Grateful
June 28, 2013 Special Report: Press Release
  • The RCMP in High River, Alberta have breached and sullied their contract with the public to serve and protect.
  • RCMP's high-handedness in High River reveals gun confiscation agenda.
  • PMO says the RCMP should have better things to do than seize guns.
June 27, 2013 Special Report 2
  • It can't happen here? Police outrage in Alberta by out-of-control RCMP.
  • ‘Hell to pay:’ Residents angry as RCMP sieze guns from High River homes. ‘It’s just like Nazi Germany,’ says resident
June 27, 2013 Special Report
  • CSSA Called It Like We Saw It - Quebec Was Faking It All Along
  • TEAM CSSA SPECIAL REPORT - February 6, 2013: CSSA finds no evidence that Quebec is serious about creating gun registry
June 24, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: MPs And Senators Join Us At The Shooting Range
  • Check Out This New Pro-Firearms Web Site
  • Dave Jordan: March 14, 1954 - June 15, 2013
  • MP Seeks Co-Signatories For Firearms Experts Technical Committee
  • Arms Trade Treaty Too Weak?
  • B.C. Museum Competes With Cops For Unwanted Guns
  • Texas Sees Gold In Them Thar Hills
June 14, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Global News Continues Anti-Gun Propaganda Campaign
  • COMMENTARY: Why Trade Unwanted Guns For A Cheap Camera?
  • Attention Match Directors And Club Executives
  • Henry's Uses Anti-Gun Campaign To Advertise
  • Firearms Owner Doesn't Want RCMP In His House
  • Mag Size Law Questioned – For The Wrong Reasons
  • Chicago Gun Registry Deemed Useless
  • Reminder -- Canadian Reload Radio 3Rd Annual Charity Event
June 8, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Did New Brunswick CFO Respond To CSSA Lawsuit On ATTs?
  • COMMENTARY: Does CSSA's Court Challenge Freeze Legislative Changes?
  • COMMENTARY: Rathgeber–Harper Divorce Is A Sad Day For Gun Owners
  • CSSA Members Near Uxbridge, Ontario Needed
  • Canada Doesn't Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
  • Air Pistol Safety Alert For Consumers
June 3, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Court Case Against CFO Moves At Glacial Speed
  • COMMENTARY: Women's Group Mounts Media Campaign With Guns
  • 2013 Dealer Shootng Day
  • 40Th Annual Rendezvous And Outdoorsman Show
  • Clinic Files Evidence To Restore Gun Registry
  • New Shot Show Marketing Agency Named
  • Turn In Your Rocket Launcher, Gramps
  • Friend Of CSSA Passes – Jon Taylor
May 24, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA WEB SITE ON THE BLINK (but only temporarily)
  • COMMENTARY PART TWO: Self-Righteous Gun-Grabber Finds Audience Via The Globe And Mail
  • Toronto Police Revolver Club Annual Match
  • Anti-Gun Zealot Gives Dad's Gun To Hell's Angel – Sheesh
  • NIMBY Forces Fighting Ontario Shooting Range
  • Police Force Switch Shotguns For Carbines
  • Dr. Gary Mauser Provides Insight Into Shooting Accidents
  • Another Anti-Gun Law That's Destined To Fail
May 17, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Gun Sales Way Up – Gun Crime Way Down - Question: Are gun-control advocates sad to see their cause crumble?
  • Firearm Legal Defence Insurance, Update On Quebec Status
  • Waterloo County Revolver Association Cdn 1800 Match
  • New Studies Show Gun Crimes Plummet
  • More Gun Fun In Waterloo, Ontario
  • Letter Writer Says Governments Handcuff Citizens
  • NSSF Switching Shot Show Management
May 8, 2013 E-News (1)
  • COMMENTARY: Chief Firearms Offices Treat Sport Shooters As Criminals-In-Waiting
  • ATT Challenge Update
  • Women's Outdoors Workshop
  • Canadian Reload Radio 3Rd Annual Charity Event
  • Quebec Challenge 2013 -- Rifle & Pistol Match
  • 2013 Don Moore Memorial Match In Ottawa
  • Many To One PTSD Support Foundation 2013 Spring Online Auction
  • Laying The Ground For New Licence Renewal Fees
  • Homeless Treated To Venison Menu
  • Tom Knapp Passes On
  • Feds Buy "Convertable" Machine Guns From Owners
May 8, 2013 E-News (2)
  • 3D Printer Guns – The Mouse That Roared
April 30, 2013 E-News
  • CSSA COMMENTARY: Ottawa Reports Post-Registry Shootings Are Way Down
  • CBC Reports A Better Year For Gun Crimes
  • CSSA Supporters Pass Along Customers' Donations
  • Shrink Says Self-Defence Absent In Boston Bombing Info
  • Conservative Candidate Holds Shooting Fundraiser
  • MPs Promote New Firearms Rules
  • Alaska Doesn't Suffer Fools Or A Gun Registry
  • Legal Expense Insurance For Gun Owners
April 22, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: U.S. Politicians Refused To Take The Anti-Gun Bait
  • CSSA Announces New Office Management
  • Watch For These Ontario Gun And Military Shows
  • 2013 Don Moore Memorial Match In Ottawa
  • Ottawa Citizen Editorial Drinks Deep From Obama's Koolaid
  • Editorial Writer Displays Astonishing Ignorance Of Hunters
  • Sticks And Stones And Purple Prose- This Is Journalism?
  • NSSF Statement Follows Senate Votes
April 12, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: NDP Has Lots In Store For Gun Owners – None Of It Good
  • COMMENTARY: Is It News When Bad Things Don't Happen?
  • 2013 Spring Online Auction: May 18 – 26, 2013 – Many To One PTSD Support Foundation
  • PETA Provides Tempting Targets
  • U.S. Prez Excels As Gun Salesman
  • Here's A Video To Stop Obama In His Tracks
  • Biased New York Times Is Obama's Shill In Anti-Gun Crusade
  • More Media Marketing – CNN Rolls Out Anti-Gun News Orgy
April 2, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CFO's self-imposed rules snubbed at Calgary Gun Show.
  • Sun Columnist Has Valuable Advice For PM Harper
  • Gun Show On Sunday, April 7
  • Special Thanks From The CSSA To Larry Clare
  • Fear Of Police Seems To Be Growing
  • Not The Straight Goods – NDP Fake An NRA Link With CSSA President
  • Canada Protecting Gun Owners' Rights At U.N.
  • Crees Seek Quebec Gun Registry Exemption
  • Cops Commend Homeowner's Self-Defence – Only In The U.S. You Say?
March 25, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Some sport shooters reticent to sign anti-CFO petition to Parliament for fear of police retaliation.
  • How To Get Your Firearms Legal Defence Insurance
  • Coming Soon: "Stick To Your Guns" Fundraising Dinner Calgary. March 29, 2013 At The Blackfoot Inn. Be There!
  • Aussie Warns Against Giving Up Firearms Rights
  • U.S. Gun Manufacturer Magpul Turns Back On Colorado
  • Meanwhile At The United Nations...
  • Anti-Gun Advocates Enfeebled By Lack Of Support
  • Media Says Nra Blew It – So Why Is NRA Winning The Debate?
March 15, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA pushes for new civilian tribunal to properly classify prohibited and restricted firearms
  • COMMENTARY: Why do anti-gun advocates hate sport shooters?
  • Coming Soon: "Stick To Your Guns" Fundraising Dinner Calgary. March 29, 2013 At The Blackfoot Inn. Be There!
  • Was Gun Advisory Committee Overhaul Necessary?
  • Columnist Scolds Toews And Harper For Bad Manners
  • High Ammo Costs Have U.S. Shooters Reloading
  • Sport Shooters Get Behind Gun Saftey For Kids (USA)
March 13, 2013 Special Report
  • Chief Firearms Office finds fault with identical trigger guards that police use in court.
  • Farcical ruling flies in the face of police and courtroom best practices.
March 11, 2013 News Release
  • Gun owners ask feds to put Chief Firearms Offices out to pasture
  • Ridiculous gun show rules prompt nationwide petition to shut down CFO for good.
March 11, 2013 Communiqué de presse
  • Les propriétaires d’armes à feu demandent au gouvernement fédéral d’éliminer les Bureaux des Contrôleurs des Armes à Feu. (CAF)
  • Un règlement ridicule lors d’une exposition d’armes à feu fût la goutte qui a fait déborder le vase et a provoqué la création d’une pétition pour enfin éliminer les bureaux des Contrôleurs des Armes à Feu pour de bon.
March 11, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA president takes heat for Canada’s position in U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
  • Coming Soon: "Stick To Your Guns" Fundraising Dinner Calgary. March 29, 2013 At The Blackfoot Inn. Be There!
  • R.I.P. Non-Partisan Journalism
  • And While We’re Wondering What That Other Writer Was Smoking, Check This "Journalist" Out
  • Passing Of Popular CSSA Member Don Moore 1928 - 2013
  • Passing Of Dave Ankney
  • Organized Bid To Shut Down Gun Media In The U.S.?
March 4, 2013 E-News
  • REMAND: The CSSA's ATT case against the Ontario CFO scheduled for March 5 has been remanded to APRIL 9, still in Oshawa court at 150 Bond St.
March 1, 2013 E-News
  • GUEST COMMENTARY: Nova Scotia doctor takes strong position on self defense
  • Tribute: The Late Dave Ankey
  • Coming Soon: "Stick To Your Guns" Fundraising Dinner Calgary. March 29, 2013 At The Blackfoot Inn. Be There!
  • NSSF Sheds Bright Light On AR-Style Sporting Rifles
  • Is Obama Trying To Sneak In Gun Registry?
  • B.C. Government Gun Amnesty
  • Shooting Sports Summit Postponed By A Year In U.S.
  • Memo, Memo On The Wall
February 26, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: The gun control debate gets more bizarre every day.
  • Quebec Registry Will Just Cost “A Few Million”
  • Coming Soon: "Stick To Your Guns" Fundraising Dinner Calgary. March 29, 2013 At The Blackfoot Inn. Be There!
  • There’s A Right To Bear Arms In Canada
  • Sheriff Says Biden’s Advice Means Trouble
  • Sun News Reporter Advises U.S. To Give Registry A Pass
  • Is The Prez On A Fishing Trip?
  • Thieves Thwarted At The Shooting Edge
  • Columbine Survivor Asks Prez Which Side He’s On
February 20, 2013 Special Report
  • Quebec’s attempt to resurrect gun registry is political fantasy.
  • CSSA counsel says new Bill 20 contravenes existing federal law.
February 15, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA takes great pride in representing all Canadian regions
  • Help Sun News Get A Basic Cable Licence!
  • Coming Soon: "Stick To Your Guns" Fundraising Dinner Calgary. March 29, 2013 At The Blackfoot Inn. Be There!
  • Ian Thomson Got His Guns Back
  • U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Is Undressed
  • OFAH Agrees New CFO Rules “Unacceptable”
  • NRA-ILA Presents Outrage Of The Week
  • NRA Says Background Checks Create Gun Registry
  • Police Chiefs And Sheriffs Face Off
  • U.S. Media Confused Over Appetite For AR-15
  • NSSF Urges U.S. Public To Help Preserve Rights
February 11, 2013 Special Report -- Rapport Spécial de L’équipe de L’ASTC-CSSA - 11 février 2013
  • CSSA finds no evidence that Quebec is serious about creating gun registry.
  • L’Association des Sports de Tir du Canada (ASTC-CSSA) n’a trouvé aucune preuve que le Québec soit sérieux dans son intention de créer un registre d’armes à feu.
  • Quebeckers have quietly shuffled over 150,000 long guns.
  • Les Québécois ont fièrement échangés plus de 150,000 armes longues.
February 5, 2013 E-News
  • Bernardo vs. Wyatt -- CFOs who make up their own rules must be challenged
  • Public Safety Minister Criticizes CFO’s Red Tape
  • From My Cold Dead Hands
  • AR-15 Is Most Wanted U.S. Gun
  • Macleans Reporter Trumpets Her Black Gun Bias
  • Native Land Claims Could Put Hunt Camps In Jeopardy
  • Canadian Gun Registry Discussed In U.S. Congress
January 30, 2013 Call to Action
  • A letter from Tony Bernardo
January 29, 2013 Call to Action
January 25, 2013 Special Report
  • CSSA SPECIAL REPORT: CSSA pledges court action against Ontario's Chief Firearms Office
  • Lawyer Ed Burlew to oppose civil servants who create their own laws.
January 25, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: CSSA – talking with Americans about “gun control”
  • CSSA's SHOT Show meet-and-greet
  • ATTENTION FIREARMS ENTHUSIASTS: Please sign the petition keep Sun News Network on the air
  • American Government Drops The Hammer On Gun Owners
  • More Anti-Gun Hysterics In The Hill Times
  • The Gun Registry Red Herring (Dewey Defeats Truman Again, Eh?)
  • Will U.S. Follow Germany’s Folly?
January 10, 2013 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: It’s time for gun owners to use their collective influence – be pro-active!
January 3, 2013 E-News
  • Acquittal! Ian Thompson Is Acquitted On All Charges
  • Commentary: Self-Defence Policy Is The Elephant On The Shooting Range
  • Commentary: In Search Of Someone -- Anyone -- To Blame
  • From A New Member
  • NY Newspaper Hires Armed Guards After Publishing Gun Permit Names
  • 50 High Schools To Have Police Presence (Toronto 2009)
  • Teachers Accept Role To Thwart Future Shootings
  • Globe And Mail Asks CSSA About Canada’s Gun Laws
  • Start 2013 With A Bang -- Buy Firearm Legal Expense Insurance
  • U.S. Gun Owners Prepare For The Worst
  • Liberals In U.S. Panic As They Lose The Gun Narrative
December 4, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Justin Trudeau: How To Enrage The Left And The Right
  • In Memorium: Dr. Ronald C. Finlay
  • Quebec Athlete Wins Gold With Steady Hands
  • Bernardo Says Justin's "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
  • Former Lib Minister Roasts Justin In Public
  • Gun Show: Friday, December 14 At The Merritton Community Centre
  • Winter Pistol League Off And Running
  • Bob Costas Gives Anti-Gun Rant During Football Game
  • Surprise! NDP Accuses Justin Of Pandering
  • Will Obama Use Second Term To Ban Guns?
November 23, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: European Union Plans To Launch Firearms Registries – Don’t Do It!
  • Germans To “Increase Security” With New Registry
  • Fire At Gabriola Club Raises Questions
  • Gun Show: Sunday, November 25 At Markham Fairgrounds
  • Is Ammo Dangerous In A Fire?– Watch The Video
  • Oy! - More Idiotic T.O. Star Coverage
November 18, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Swapping Cameras For Guns -- A Public Relations Farce
  • Pixels Programs Tarnish The Image Of Sport Shooters
  • Police Convince Sheeple To Get Rid Of Inherited “Weapons”
  • Who’s Guarding Winnipeg While Cops Pick Up 655 Guns?
  • Brian Lovig Launches The Daily Split “Big Shot Webstore”
  • CBC And CFO Collude To Cast Bad Light On Gun Shows
  • Anti-Gun Reporter Sucked In By Mythical CSSA-NRA Connection
November 11, 2012 E-News
  • CSSA’S Diana Cabrera Nails Silver Medal In Argentina
  • Brian Lilley’s New Book Raises The Curtain On CBC’s Sins Of Bias
  • Gurney Says Bad Gun Laws Remain On The Books
  • Anti-Gun Media Portray NRA As Weakening After Obama Victory
November 11, 2012 CSSA Special Report
  • CSSA Special Report: Canada’s Role At The U.N. Arms Talks Could Dictate Your Future
November 1, 2012 E-News
  • Gun Registry Data Finally History – But U.N. Marking Scheme Looms
  • Gun Show This Weekend
  • Dead Registry Is A Hunting Booster
  • Oops – Feds Lose Track Of 2,673 Firearms
  • Media Spin -- Registry Savings Don’t Add Up
  • CSSA/CILA Replies With Letter To The Editor
  • News Agency Says Gun Propaganda Abounds
October 26, 2012 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: New Legal Defence Insurance For Firearms Owners Is The Real Deal
  • Southern Ontario Gun Show
  • Licensing Still Rankles Some Gun Owners
  • It’s Not The Guns, It’s The Gunner
  • Pistol Maker Giving Police Museum $2 Million
  • Amazing “News!” – Closing Gun Clubs Didn’t Reduce Crime
  • Shooting Sports On The Rise
  • Environment Minister Seeks Advice
  • Magazine Article Cites The Shuffle
October 19, 2012 SPECIAL BULLETIN (1)
  • CSSA SPECIAL BULLETIN: Legal Expense Insurance for Gun Owners
October 19, 2012 SPECIAL BULLETIN (2)
  • CSSA SPECIAL BULLETIN II: Canada's statement to the United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Conference. - Friday, October 19, 2012
October 18, 2012 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Gun Owners Must Sound Off -- Prospective Marking Regs Need Work
  • Media Paints Gun Marking As Conservative Flip-Flop On Registry
  • Bean-Counters Try To Stick Price Tag On Gun-Related Crimes
  • Sun TV Backs Fundraiser
  • Gun Microstamping – A Bad Idea That Won’t Go Away
  • U.K. Book Peddler Bans Children From Buying Shooting Mags
October 10, 2012 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Hamilton Shooting Sports Retailer Does The Right Thing
  • Gun Clubs And Remembrance Day
  • Ontario Pistol Championships
  • Iqaluit Shooting Association Competition On October 6
  • Brian Lilley Tells Animal Rights Extremists To Back Off
  • Sun TV Interview With Keith Beasley
  • Gun Show Regs Repeal Tabled In Parliament
  • Parliament Hears About Celebration At The Shooting Edge
October 1, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: Quebec Is Faking – Politicians Have No Plan To Use Gun Registry Data
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot In Muskoka, Ontario
  • Victory For Gun Owners
  • BCWF Gets Behind The Harper Government
  • Great Media Coverage For Ontario Gunsmith
  • Just When You Thought You’d Heard Everything
  • Only Police And Military Should Have Guns?
September 21, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: The Truth Hurts -- Shaw/Global TV Decision To Ban Hunting Shows Is Unfair
  • Interview With Paul Beasley, Executive Producer Of Canada In The Rough
  • Ontario Courts Slam Door On Schlifer Injunction
  • Gun Controllers Lick Their Wounds After Court Defeat
  • Sept 22Nd Skeet Shoot Rained Out
  • Quebec Grits Go From Bad To Worse
  • Are These Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle Comments Yours
  • U.S. Writer Wants No Part Of New Registry
September 17, 2012 E-News
  • Keep On Keeping On – The Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle
  • Keep The Heat On Shaw Media And Global TV To Maintain Hunting Shows
  • Gun Registry Data Should Be Destroyed, Not Shared
  • Come Out To The Fall Shoot In Ottawa
  • Say What? Quebec Editorial Admits Registry Useless, But Still Wants Data
  • Two Letters And Two Perspectives
  • Not So Fast: (Re: "Guns Make It Too Easy To Kill Others," By Stuart Shaw, Letters, Sept.10.)
September 11, 2012 News Release
  • TEAM CSSA NEWS RELEASE: Quebec trying to protect gun registry data that doesn't reflect reality
September 7, 2012 Special Report
  • CSSA SPECIAL REPORT: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to Propose Repeal of Unused Gun Shows Regulations
September 7, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: Big week of protest for Canadian gun owners!
  • Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle
  • The Shaw/Global TV protest
  • Outdoor Canada Weighs In On Global TV's Anti-Hunting Stance
  • Gun Registry Shuffle Taking The Nation By Storm
  • More Melodramatic Twaddle From The Toronto Star
  • Oy! -- Columnist Suggests Feds Give Registry To Quebec As A "Gift"
  • Letter Writer Compares Citizen Abuse With Stalin
September 4, 2012 Special Report
  • CSSA SPECIAL REPORT: Shaw Media proves anti-gun bias by taking hunting shows off the air
August 30 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: Pulling the pin on the Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle
  • Firearms owners exchange guns in national protest and vow never to register again
  • Nasty Gun Store Too Close To Daycare? Pull-Eeeze
  • Come And Shoot In Quebec
  • Non-Culpable Shooting Homicide -- A Rare Find
  • Hey, Gun Control Advocates: What About Your Own Government?
August 30 2012 News Release
  • For Immediate Release: Great Canadian Gun Registry Shuffle proves firearms data is useless
August 28 2012 E-News
  • The United Nations Programme of Action Review Conference is flogging a dead horse
August 23 2012 E-News
  • Guns Will Make Us Safer, letters to the editor, Aug. 11
  • Waterloo Councillors Take The Anti-Gun Bait
  • CSSA Responds To Waterloo Decision
  • Gun Owner Provides Clarity To Councillors
  • NSSF President Re-Appointed
  • Empathy For Young Yank Who Brought Gun Into Canada
  • Ontario Mpp Wants Spring Bear Hunt Re-Opened
August 8 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: Bumpy ride at the United Nations for firearms enthusiasts
  • Toronto Sportsman's Show Back At The CNE
  • Second Call -- Toronto Media Seeks Your Input
  • The Folly Of Good Vs. Bad Guns Continues
  • Aussie Cops Claim No Registry Breach
  • More Gun Control “Wisdom” From The Left
August 2 2012 E-News
  • Editorial: CSSA's Ontario Summer Games ambassadors make good on their responsibilities
  • Maybe It's Not Just About The Guns
  • You Mean Guns Can Stop Crime, Too?
  • This Hunter Welcomes Restrictions For Sport Shooters (?)
  • Good Guys With Guns
July 23, 2012 News Release
  • MEDIA RELEASE: Youth sport shooters stripped of Ontario Summer Games honours
July 23, 2012 E-News
  • Ontario Summer Games letter re: Athlete Ambassador Appearances
July 19, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: More media writers are helping us do our job
  • Toronto Star Continues Its Witch Hunt Against Legal Gun Owners: “Handgun Has No Practical Purpose Except To Kill A Human”
  • Sun Columnist Supports Sport Shooters And Collectors
  • Want To Help? Toronto Media Seeks Your Input
  • Libertarians Say Gun Registry Doesn't Stop Crime
  • Hear CSSA's Tony Bernardo Discuss Breaking Issues
  • Wild Tv Brings Huntfest To Orangeville
  • Toronto Councillor Continues Anti-Gun Rant
July 12, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: Media Gun Ban Propaganda -- Wrong Solution To Real Problem
  • Proposed Ban Bites The Bullet
  • Congrats To All - Another Win For CSSA
  • CSAAA Members Meet This Week To Plan Future
  • CSSA Welcomes New Regional Director
  • Gunnies Eye Google With Suspicion
  • “Black Guns” Letter To The Editor Is Bang On
  • Big Bucks Behind U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
July 6, 2012 E-News
  • TEAM CSSA Special Report: Statement By Canada At The Opening Of The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Diplomatic Conference
July 3, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: There Is Safety In Numbers -- Join A Firearms Association
  • The Harper Government Clarifies Record Keeping Requirements For Non-Restricted Firearms
  • Ducks Unlimited Twin City Sporting Clays Fun Shoot
  • Air Pistol Champ Heading For Olympics
  • Hacked Aussie Gun Registry Causes Problems For Gun Owners
  • Quebec Columnist Gets Lost In The Weeds On Gun Control
  • Gun Offender Registry Opposed In Maryland
  • Hoeppner Says M.P.S Lost Seats Over Gun Registry Vote
June 26, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: The Trouble With Toronto
  • Dearly Departed Art Grundy Was Shooting Icon
  • Columnist Keeps Toronto Shooting In Perspective
  • Support For Government Action In U.S.
  • Driving Manufacturers Out Of New York
  • NRA To The Rescue To Fight Microstamping
  • Anti-Registry M.P. Gets Good Ink As Independent
June 20, 2012 E-News
  • EDITORIAL: New registry offensive is offensive to sport shooters
  • NDP Says Registry Screw-Up Is Reason To Keep It - Say What?
  • Great Teams Create Great Buzz
  • Competitive Shoot In Southern Ontario
  • Canadian Reload Radio Features Musical Guest
  • Columnist Shoots Policy Full Of Holes
  • Even Toronto Chief Blair Admits Handgun Ban Is Nuts
June 13, 2012 News Release
  • MEDIA RELEASE: CSSA lauds Harper government's new regulations to rein in Chief Firearms Officers
June 12, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Putting the “sport” back into the shooting sports
  • Gun Club Invites New Shooters To Play
  • Manitoba Club Gets It Right, Too
  • Back At The CNE
  • Quebec Makes Its Move
  • Writer's Paranoia Alive And Well In Toronto The Bad
June 12, 2012 Special Report
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Presentation by Tony Bernardo to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs on the Arms Trade Treaty
June 5, 2012 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Recent public shootings are repugnant -- but not sports shooters' fault
  • Political Fallout Expected From Toronto Shooting
  • More Fallout From The Left Coast
  • Gremlins Pay Another Visit To CSSA HQ
  • New Hunting And Fishing Panel Criticized
  • Toews Defends Firearms Record
May 29, 2012 E-News
  • Guest Commentary: Montreal shooting highlights gun registry folly
  • Montreal Bullet Shot Into Crowd
  • Columnist Tries To Read Harper's Tea Leaves
  • Sticky Wicket -- Pushing Back Against Your Own Party
  • Toronto Star's “Social Justice Reporter” On The Scene
  • Women In India Take Care Of Number One
  • Report From Niagara -- Important Victories
May 23, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Our new partnership with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association
  • Strip-Search Dad Wants Day In Court
  • Too Many Bears?
  • Friendly B.C. Gun Club Gets Friendly Media Coverage
  • Bad Guys In Canada And Mexico Shopping American?
  • New Neighbours Take Umbrage To Old Gun Club
May 16, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Have The Chief Firearms Officers Outlived Their Usefulness?
  • Letter Writer Says CFOs Thumbing Their Nose At New Law
  • Ontario CFO Making It Up As He Goes: Ontario’s Chief Firearms Officer Insists That Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews Can’t Just Order Him To Stop The Collection Of Information On Gun Buyers.
  • Second Annual Kootenay Gun And Antique Show
  • Larry Miller Speaks Out On CFO Propaganda?
  • Public Safety Minister Says CFOs Breaking The Law
  • RCMP Commish Sides With Public Safety Minister
  • It's A Big World After All
May 8, 2012 Announcement
  • IMPORTANT: A message from Minister Toews
May 8, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Harper Government Lays Down The Law To CFOs
  • Backdoor Registry Seems Possible
  • Let's Use Mother's Day To Bring Registry Back
  • Russian Gun Group Joins IAPCAR’s Global Gun Rights Coalition
  • National Post Letters To The Editor
May 3, 2012 News Release
  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- CSSA to boycott Chief Firearms Officer's meeting
May 3, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Meeting of the minds at the CSSA 2012 Annual General Meeting
  • Councillor Tries To Maintain Criminals' Shopping List
  • Summer Pistol Matches 2012
  • Hyer Plays Cat And Mouse With Mulcair
  • Ontario CFO Making It Up As He Goes
  • Ontario Preem Presses Firearms Vendors
  • NRA Taps Into Star Power For Endorsement
April 26, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Our new partnership with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association
  • Strip-Search Dad Wants Day In Court
  • Too Many Bears?
  • Friendly B.C. Gun Club Gets Friendly Media Coverage
  • Bad Guys In Canada And Mexico Shopping American?
  • New Neighbours Take Umbrage To Old Gun Club
April 23, 2012 E-News
  • Media Release: Hyer listens to constituents and dials out new leader's rhetoric
April 20, 2012 E-News
  • COMMENTARY: Join the CSSA at the “1st Annual Dead Registry Celebration” on Saturday, April 28!
  • CBC-Quebec Extends Long Gun Registry Injunction
  • Quebec Seeks A Two-Tier Gun Registry
  • Dead Registry Bringing In New Shooters
  • Ontario Shooting Competition
  • Parliament To Put Bill C-68 Under Microscope
  • Yeah, Well We Have A Few Questions To Ask
April 20, 2012 Special Report
  • Special report: Quebec MP up in arms over 'outrageous' firearms fete
April 19, 2012 E-News
  • 1st Annual Dead Registry Celebration coming to Quebec
April 14, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Only in Quebec, you say? Pity.
  • RCMP Goes Over The Top?
  • An Important Message From Regional Director Bill Elliott
  • Feds Can Legally Destroy Registry Data Before June
  • Looking For The Party's Intellectual Roots
  • CSSA Regional Director Introduces Newsman To Shooting
  • Oh My -- Guns Are A Social Ill That Deserve A Sin Tax
  • 2012 Tournament Of Juniors
  • Would You Like Some Gun Control With Those Chips?
  • Letter Writer Bids Registry Colourful Adieu
  • A Shooting Star Has Fallen
  • Respected Outdoors Commentator Dies In Crash
  • The Propaganda “Killing Machine” Grinds On
April 5, 2012 E-News
  • Gun Registry Tossed Onto “Bad Legislation” Trash Heap - Quebec Liberals Try To Reincarnate Dead Horse Into Cash Cow
  • Late Breaking Bulletin To E-News Readers
  • Distinct Society Not Being Very Sociable
  • Charest Forgets His Conservative Past
  • Yikes - Men Use Guns To Threaten And Abuse Women “All The Time”
  • Canadian Shooting Sports 2012 Annual General Meeting
April 1, 2012 E-News
  • Commentary: Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee discusses firearms future
  • Public Safety Minister Summons The Experts
  • Canadian Lessons Learned Speak Volumes
  • Critics Going Off Half-Cocked?
  • New NDP Leader To Change Ideological Horses?
  • Dipper Registry Killers Size Up Mulcair
  • Role Of CSSA Prez Has Anti-Gun Hand-Wringers In A Tizzy