Meet the Man Responsible for the Death of Canada's Gun Registry Frank Miniter, Forbes, 2012-02-29
Looking north across the border, American gun owners may well see the fall of Canada's long-gun registry with relief. This, after all, lessens the odds that the anti-gun movement will be successful in its attempt to install a gun-owners database in the U.S. However, before American gun owners forget about Canada all over again, there's an incredible story here not being told outside Ottawa political circles that needs to be heard by every American who cherishes their freedom. ...more....


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What Police Have Said About The Gun Registry

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"The disarming of citizens has been a tragic failure. Violent crime has increased everywhere it's been tried as it serves only to embolden the still-armed criminal."

10 Mythes Du Registre Des Armes D’épaule. (English) (Français)
Mythes De La Tragédie Du Collège Dawson. (English) (Français)
Police use of the gun registry exaggerated... ...more... Canadian Firearms Centre website: here.
First, they came for the guns? ...more...

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