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No Warrant, No Entry
The law presumes all searches and seizures to be a breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 8 which says: "Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure." ...
  • Introduction
  • Consent Searches
  • The Routine Stop And Search
  • Police Power To Enter
  • General Search Warrants
  • How C-68 Changes This
  • Bill C-68 Searches
Inspections and Warrants
The Firearms Act provides that a firearms officer may inspect any premises where there is suspicion of more than 10 guns existing. Who can do this and how can it be done? Who can enter to inspect? ...
  • Do The Police Need A Warrant To Search For My Firearms?
Gun Loss Advisory
  • Technical Non-Compliance Of Restricted Weapon Registered Address
  • Keeping Your Gun Ownership Rights Alive!
  • The Future Seizures Of Handguns
  • Liability Of Verifiers
Who's that knocking at my door? -- If the Police Call.
  • How The Police Handle A Gun Call
  • Your Right To Silence
Legal Orders
  • Prohibition Orders
  • Bail Orders
  • Firearm Acquisition Certificate Refusal Remedies
Legal Storage and Transport
  • Loose Bullets Lead To Confiscation Of All Firearms, Ammunition, F.A.C.s
  • Transport Your Ammunition Safely
  • No Grand Fathering Of Prohibited Magazines
  • Hunters beware!
Legal Info for Reloaders
  • Reloaders, Powder horns, and Gunpowder
  • Store Your Powder Safely
  • Reloaders Bulletin -- To clarify a number of questions dealing with the storage of gun powder...
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