Members Only

This segregated Members Only section of the CSSA web site will allow you to view more sensitive items and information that pertain to our membership, and are available only to CSSA members.

The latest Canadian Shooting Sports magazine is available to be read online in the Members Only area.

Match scores will also be posted in this area, as many are reluctant to have their names where anyone can see them.

Click to access the Members Only area.

How to enter the Members Only area

The Members Only area is password protected, but is easy to access. After you click on the Members Only link, you will be prompted to enter a "User Name" and a "Password."

Your "User Name" is your CSSA Member Number.

Your "Password" is your last name, exactly as it appears on your membership card (case-sensitive), but with no spaces, and with the following characters removed:

  • Colon- :
  • Parentheses- ( )
  • Apostrophes or Single–quotes- '
  • Ampersand- &

For example:
"Smith & Jones" becomes "SmithJones"
"St. Pierre (Jr.)" becomes "St.PierreJr."
"Bill's Guns n' Game" becomes “BillsGunsnGame”

Don't hesitate to contact us if you're having problems.